The world needs your wisdom and you want a profitable business, as well. 

Your passion and mission got you started. 

There was a feeling of promise, but now the realty has sunk in and you realize that even though you have a trunk full of tools, you are at a loss as to how to combine them all together and attract more clients and make more money. 

You’re tired of the struggle and want to do whatever it takes to be a great entrepreneur as well as an exceptional practitioner. 

Maybe you’ve howled at the moon and written affirmations, and yet you still know you’re missing an important key. 


This was the same for me. But after 30 years, and numerous creative  and soulful business ventures, I figured out what was missing.   Ironically it began right with my own wisdom and my authentic free spirit. 

Here is the secret.


To attract more clients you need to be yourself, distinctive, authentic
and allow people to see you clearly without being confused.


The first step is to know where you are now and what kind of help you need!

Seeding copy

 Brand new business?

Find out what to do when first starting out!

Tending copy

 Business 3-5 years old?

Learn out how to nurture, attract more leads & grow stronger. 


Ready to rock?

Become a real leader & with more income streams.


You need to be the specialist your clients want to hire. I’ll give you one more clue. It’s not about your degrees or your tools. It’s about about who you are, and what you bring from the deepest part of your soul.


My love is helping solo-entrepreneurs, just like you who want to learn how to tap into your unique wild wisdom that makes you tick. I know how much you want to be able to transform this into products and programs that sell!


3 Easy Steps to Share Your Wisdom to the World

1. Specialize and know your own special soul footprint
2. Create your message that deeply connect to your niche tribe
3. Monetize and leverage your  gifts so you can help more people and be prosperous


I was spinning my wheels and frustrated. My business was ‘scattered’. Kaya encourages, no matter the situation. She has helped me work through the strengths and the weaknesses of my thinking and how that directly impacts my business. Her assignments that keep me mindful and productive. I have now fined tuned my focus, have a clearer understanding of what I need to be doing to grow my company, and increased my January earnings by 100%.

~Judy Heller


 Get started today with a FREE Discovery Session

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.  
I listen to your concerns, hear about your business and you’ll know what to do next.
We are located in Portland, Oregon but you can be anywhere in the world!


Kaya is an amazing business coach! She has taken me from a rough idea for a business to becoming a successful small business owner. Without her direction, I would have given up long ago. Instead, I now have a thriving business.

~~Jocelyn Mozak


Through Kaya’s guidance, coaching, and mentorship I’ve been able to create a 6-figure business in less than three years. She helped me learn how to narrow my niche, develop my expertise and really follow my passion.

~Dr. Aziz Gazipura,


Kaya is THE person I go to when  I need to find clarity and direction amid the various facets of my work. Her approach, and even her voice tone, always calms me down long enough so that I can take in her grounding questions and creative ideas. She always leads me to good solutions.

~Charles Hude,


 14 Day Prosperity Challenge!

Can  you spare a few minutes each day? If you really want more money, wouldn’t it be great to learn how to easily move past inner limitations.


Having an e-mail in my inbox daily about my “Prosperity Challenge”  worked for me I’m actually reaching my goals.

~Kim Martin, Vancouver, Wa


It’s supposed to be fun, not stressful, to own your own business.

You just need to:

•  See and overcome your blind spots.
•  Get past your self-doubt and fears.
•  Know the  right steps to take next!


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