Feb 19 2015

Susanna Maida: Wild Woman Alchemist 017

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SusannaMaida-SC3It was pure delight to interview Susanna Maida. We had such a full and fun conversation about what really matters.  

I love her story of how she began with high level  academic training, in a very male dominated science field. She often felt like she was selling her soul for a paycheck.

Susanna’s story is not unfamiliar, growing  up and being told to have a proper career which didn’t include being an entrepreneur, but eventually at age 46 she concluded she was no longer cut out to work for someone else ever again.

In the interview she goes on to share that her biggest challenge was in starting out while knowing nothing about business.  But, being highly committed,  she was willing to invest in herself by taking many workshops and trainings. Even though she was poor, she hid this fact from people and used credit cards to get her business going.

Susanna Maida, Ph.D., is a wild woman alchemist, contemporary shaman, and business coach. She mentors visionaries who care deeply about the future of our world, helping them create the soul-satisfying sense of alignment that comes from growing financially flourishing, world-changing businesses doing their great work. It’s part of her bigger mission to restore the sacred to how we do business so that conscious business can become a force for good in our world.

Susanna has a Doctorate in Transformative Learning and Change and she’s been coaching, mentoring, and leading life-changing experiences in nature for over 20 years. One of Susanna’s many gifts is helping transformative entrepreneurs shape the raw material of their calling into a unique and original body of work, and then grow that into a thriving business – all while partnering with the Soul of Their Business, serving from the heart, and leading from the sacred feminine.

Born and raised in New York City, Susanna has lived all over the western U.S. and in Costa Rica before recently settling in Santa Fe, NM with her husband. Unafraid to go for what she really wants, Susanna took one look at where the path of her first “proper” career as a groundwater hydrologist was taking her and decided it would squeeze the life out of her.  So she ditched that profession at age 30 and followed her passion for nature and the river.  She then spent ten amazing years leading whitewater rafting trips and teaching whitewater schools.

One day, while sitting in the back of her raft as it lazily floated between two big rapids, she realized she could never again stuff herself into any sort of “normal” job.  Ever since, she’s been using her visionary maverick energy to help evolutionary entrepreneurs flourish wildly while making their greatest contribution to a world in need.

Her wisdom for listeners:  “We are an unnamed movement on the evolving edge of conscious entrepreneurship.  Your great work is the blessing you were born to give to the world.  It starts out as a seed in your soul, yearning for full expression.

It’s your responsibility to tend that seed so it can germinate and blossom into its full expression, which in our contemporary world often means growing a thriving, soul-sourced business.  Don’t skimp, cut corners, or waste precious time, energy, and life force trying to reinvent the wheel because you think you can’t afford help.  That’s a false economy.  Get support – peer support, mentor support, team support.

Invite the soul of your business along as a creative partner and learn how to listen to it, trust it, and take action aligned with what it tells you. The time is now. “

Learn more at: www.ReWeavingTheWorld.com

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Feb 17 2015

Avoid Marketing Overload

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You might remember back when I used to send out an email with really good tips every week.

I’d get an idea, often from questions I heard from one of you, then I’d get inspired and write a blog post.

I love writing so this was the easy part. Getting inspired was the harder part.

Once I wrote the blog post I would include a bit of it in an email I would send to you. 

I know you loved the stuff I share so I am thrilled. However, it went through the cracks a bit last September when I started my new Podcast because suddenly there wasn’t time to do both.  

????????????????So weeks went by and no new blog post.  Of course the amazing Podcasts were there in my blog but they are not the same.

Two equally good fruits.

I love both strawberries and blueberries. They are both amazing and one doesn’t replace the other.

So today I decided it’s time to bring this back- the juicy, yumminess of both fruits.

There is a teaching moment in here of course and you know me, I always like to share my own process so it can help you.

It can be very overwhelming to figure out where to put your marketing energy. There are soo many choices.

I made this doodle “marketing strategy circle” to share with my Wild Demand Seminar that’s happening right now. Just looking at the circle would make anyone feel like hiding. There are so many choices.marketing strategies circle

However trying to do more than three at a time is a mistake. One thing that can help is to automate some of it.

For example, my podcast is now automated. I am three months ahead with taping episodes and I have my wonderful assistant and her team uploading them. The only part I do now is write the blogs- which I enjoy.

Can you see how this works? So now I can bring blogging my articles back. Have a look at the circle as it can help you plan your own strategy.

There is actually a stratagem to help you decide what to focus on.

For visionary people like you, this is so important because without it you will just keep focusing on your programs that you love creating and not really know how to focus your marketing so you find more people who want your amazing gifts.

But here are a few tips that will help you to not feel so much marketing overload.

1. The very first thing is to know your niche client inside and out and their burning need.

2. Then you need to create your heart and soul marketing message. It’s that message that goes from your soul to theirs. 

3. Make smart decisions about how to use social media so you get the most engagement and not waste time.

I share more about how to do these things and more in the Wild Demand Seminar and although it is half over you can still join as everything is recorded and the notes are transcribed. You coupon code “shine” to get $50 off as a bonus since you are coming half way in.

And please let me know what questions you have and I can plan some new blog posts that help you. Your questions give me inspiration!  

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Feb 05 2015

My True Soul Work Calls

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I’ve had a huge awareness that something big was going to change for me this year. I knew it would be about my money story. Yes, that one I have been avoiding.

I could go on avoiding but it’s getting harder and harder.

Considering I’ve been someone who fluctuates between spender and avoider, I’ve done pretty well in my business, but the more money I earn the more glaring the problem is. 

I tend to be motivated by fun, and the idea of tracking every dollar that closely,  makes me want to crawl into a hole.  My free spirit wants to scream.

But my true soul work is calling me to do this.  I’m stepping into this decision with an open heart and I am getting the sense this will shift so much, allow me to work in a much deeper way, and allow my wild woman to be even wilder and my free spirit to be even freer.

So, in fact it is less of a change and more of an evolution. I need to evolve.

I was working on Chapter 4 (Following Your Bliss)  of my book last week, , and this download came to me and I made a drawing of it here.

visionary entrepreneur overlap

Maybe you began your business venture from your VISION. 

You know who you are, what you’re meant to do, how you want to make changes in the world, the way you want to leave your footprint. Right? 

 The vision excited you and you can see the whole picture and feel it in your veins.

So you decide to become an ENTREPRENEUR.  This means learning how to run a business, create systems, learn marketing, and make money! 

It can be hard, but you don’t want another job and you want that sweet feeling of success as you put yourself out into the world.

However, you discover it’s hard to put those two together. You struggle,  get overwhelmed confused, and at times feel like quitting. I have felt all those ways, over and over.

Where these two circles overlap is the golden angel of Self Growth. I can see that so clearly now.

It’s about self-actualization. You will only get so far in combining the Visionary and Entrepreneur and successfully building a business without doing this part.

I’ve just reached my own glass ceiling and until I face my money stuff I won’t be able to pass through that barrier and do my real mission work.  

What is this for you? What piece is holding you back?

This isn’t the same for each of us. For you it could be empowerment, putting your voice out there. It might be relationships; issues around communication and intimacy. 

Only you know what that golden angel is calling you to face.

This will appear at different stages of your business in different ways. 

I would love to hear your comments below or if you are more comfortable send me an email. kaya@kayasinger.com

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Feb 05 2015

Aine Dee: Empress of Wealth 016

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Aine101014Aine  (pronounced on-ya) Dee and I had the most inspiring conversation. I feel this way with every person I interview but this session left me feeling so hopeful about being able to heal my own money issues!

This is one of those interviews that was such a gift to me.

Aine is the Founder and Empress of Wealth Reimagined, Inc. This business came to life after she was booted out of her job in the banking industry where where she was a very comfortable yuppy earning a high salary. 

 She shared how she was spender and had no savings when her job ended. As a result, she was thrown into poverty, evicted, and declared bankruptcy. She has been through it all!

She worked with small business owners as part of her job at the bank, and loved supporting them, but didn’t really understand their struggles until she began her own venture. After her job ended she began to study energy healing and started a practice helping people in this way. In her story she shares how she eventually discovered how to bring back her financial skills and blend the two worlds together to create her present business.

She has a big mission to effect huge change in our whole monetary system.

Aine Dee is recognized today as an astute financial and business strategist.  She is also highly respected as an intuitive and brilliant observer of the human inner workings that drive our financial behaviors.  She believes passionately that disconnecting the inner personal from the outer financial is what causes all of us financial limitation and harm.

She has lived much enviable success and affluence, suffered failure and financial ruin, and then reimagined for herself what it takes to sustain true wealth, so that others can too – without the dramatic detours.  The very same process of personal inquiry and clear financial mapping she used to create the financial reality that energizes and supports her in helping others, is the basis for the Reimagine Your Money programs.  

She shares, “My programs are radical, comprehensive, and intensive and until very recently, I would only work on a one-on-one, monthly basis over multiple years providing strategic bookkeeping, vision money-mapping, financial analysis, and personal, financial, and business behavioral mentoring – drawing from my extensive background and skills in small business management and finance, as well as energy healing and spiritual counseling.  Woo-woo meets MBA Bank Executive.”  

She shares, “My most exciting challenge right now is around my enormous body of work that I previously would only mete out intuitively in response to the issues presenting with one-on-one clients in customized ways.  I want to make it available to others in a variety of teaching and implementation facilitation venues.

I have resisted the internet business models and most of the tools have not suited my highly intimate, yet professional and innovative style.  I’ve balked for years at old paradigm marketing edicts.  I finally understand that my soul longing to disseminate this approach AND marketing can actually be one in the same – with the help of aligned technology.”  

Her wisdom to share: “With conscious money choices it is absolutely possible to savor presence, secure your future, and support your passions and purpose through your business.”

You can contact Aine at  aine@reimagineyourmoney.com


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Jan 22 2015

Joan Sotkin: Holistic Money Coach 015

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Sotkin-1500You will love this interview with Joan Sotkin, holistic business and money coach.

Joan’s enthusiasm and passion overflows in this captivating interview.

She shares her own story of how she began her lifelong relationship as an entrepreneur. For health reasons she was unable to have a real job so she learned about doing a mail order business.

Although this wasn’t a real business it gave her some of the foundation pieces to begin her first real business selling crystals in 1977.

She was in her 40s by then and had stepped fully into a meditation practice. She shares how she had a kundalini experience and followed what she heard in her meditation, about buying and selling stones. This was way before the New Age era began.

Her business became highly successful as she she used her inner ingenuity to put adds in magazines, create her own labels and packaging and creating products called “Joan’s Stones.”

She made a lot of money,  but she knew nothing about money management or dealing with cash flow. As a result she lost her business and all her money as well. She took it personally and had to delve deep into herself to heal. 

When her father died she realized how much grief and her unresolved childhood issues impacted her ability to deal with money. She says, “If you can’t get past the financial fears, you can’t find peace and hear your own inner voice.”

Joan Sotkin’s passion is working with forward-thinking individuals who are willing to implement new ways of being with themselves and their commercial ventures.

In the early 1980s, while attending 12-step programs including Debtors Anonymous and Codependents Anonymous, she began to understand the connection between emotions and the life stories we create for ourselves, including our finances.

Years of working to release her own repressed emotions helped deepen her understanding of how we act out family-of-origin issues through our businesses and finances.

Her business Prosperity Place is for those who want to experience “more” of life while creating satisfying and prosperous lives for themselves.

She runs a Prosperity Podcast and works with clients all over the world from her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Her wisdom sharing:  “People need to  learn to be peaceful.  The conflicts and violence in the world is all a reflection of our own fears.  The two polarities are fear or inner peace. Which side do you want to be on?”

Joan helps people to
• Fix their Finances
• Know themselves and
• Find Peace of Mind

Learn more at
Facebook:  http://facebook.com/sotkin
Twitter: http://twitter.com/joansotkin

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