Apr 16 2015

Lindsey Dawson: Writing Your Story 021

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IMG_6202Lindsey Dawson says, “Everyone has a story that is unique.” In this creative interview she shares her own story from where her career began to where she is now.  Lindsey, a native Kiwi,  began her career in a corporate job working with a company that published a string of magazines.

It was a creative job that gave her high visibility and high profile, but she was still at the bidding of her boss, so eventually she knew she had had enough. One day she said, “I just can’t do this anymore.” This was 10 years ago, and  it was an adjustment to be all on her own without the phone ringing and people wanting to meet with her.

Being a writer, she launched herself fully into her own work. 

She has written seven books now – a mix of fiction and non-fiction. Several  have spiritual themes and she has an historical novel coming out this year.

She offers writing courses online and in person. She loves to help women dive into key moments of their own stories to recognize where they’ve come from, understand where they are now, and get insights on what’s coming up for them next.

Lindsey  created and launched three popular women’s magazines and has put in time as a feature writer, columnist, novelist, broadcaster, TV host and writing coach. Lindsey offers writing courses, workshops and mentoring and focuses on helping women gain confidence through reflecting on their own stories.

When she’s not at her computer keyboard, her current loves include inspirational speaking, messing about with mosaics, teaching blogging courses, dancing, lunching with friends, reading new fiction, and keeping up with four small grandchildren.

She lives by the beach on New Zealand’s Pacific coast, sharing her house with her long-time husband and one uppity cat. 

Lindsey’s offers her wisdom for the listeners. ” There is no such thing as an ordinary life. All of us have potential to be extraordinary.”

You can find Lindsey at  lindseydawson.com


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Apr 15 2015

New Moon Business Magic

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You’re a wise visionary, and yet you spend hours and hours inside and in front of your computer. Maybe you even forget to look at the moon. 

It’s all good stuff you’re doing; writing blog posts, sending emails, doing social media, working on your website, and the list goes on because we’re in the age of relationship marketing, and so much is online.

However, it is so deeply important that you don’t lose your soul in the process and you also remember that the deeper purpose to all this is to have authentic connections with the people you are helping. Right?

The big questions I hear over and over again from my clients is, “how to stay tuned in and aligned?”

One way is to stay aware of the moon cycles. In my recent post I talked about the power of going inward with the dark moon and how I use that in my writing.

Super Bright Star over Sea


The new moon offers a different opportunity of Moon Magic than the dark moon. 

New moon is a time that the sun and moon are both in the same zodiac sign and it’s a time of New Beginnings.

It’s a perfect time to cultivate your relationships and also help your clients to take advantage of this energy to follow their vision and get the support they need to reach their goal.  It’s a time more clarity and heightened creativity.

Nowhere is this energy more important then when you are helping your potential clients to make that important decision to invest in themselves with the help you are offering.

It’s so easy to see “sales” as being pushy, manipulative, or out of sync with the beautiful work you are doing.

However, those are old thought patterns and if you are still tuned into them, the New moon is a good time to let them go, and instead, adapt a true wise, visionary way, of deeply connecting with your potential client in a heart-centered sales conversation.

The very first step is to change your own energy and reaction around the word sales, and bring it into the light of the new moon.

Not only is this a powerful way to help you become present and real in these important conversations, but it will help you to shift and transform those out-dated mindsets that keep you stuck in an old rut.

The New Moon is April 18th and it  is coming right up.  

Just a couple days later, on April 21, I am offering a free teleclass called 3 Secrets to Heart-Centered Sales Conversations.

I will be sharing more about how to change your mindset and grow into an empowered visionary and leader of your business right through the sales piece.

The New Moon energy will support your new growth as an empowered entrepreneur and step into new patterns in yourself.

When you finally master the sales conversation you will not only notice this shift in yourself, but you will also notice more people signing on to work with you. Please join me.


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Apr 14 2015

Have Your Sales Gone Sour?

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You’re talking to someone who seems like a perfect  fit for what you are offering. 

You are supportive and listen to their problem and know you can help them.  They are in pain or stuck and you know that you could make a difference.

You really do care and you love what you do. It’s what you came here for!

You are a caring wise soul, and you can


This person seems interested in what you are sharing so you “assume” they will want to get your help. 

In  your passion you can’t see any other way. 

They have a problem, you have a way to help,  but it’s painful to your heart when it doesn’t work this way and then you end up feeling bad about yourself too. 

Here is a case study

Julie is at a networking event to meet people and hopefully find new clients for her acupuncture practice. She ends up chatting with a lovely women, and in the midst of sharing about their days, Tara shares that she has had back pain all day and pretty miserable. She didn’t dwell on it, but just shares as most of us do when we are dealing with something like this, kind of a light-hearted poor me sharing.

Julie immediately asks her if she’s ever had acupuncture and Tara says she’s tried various things and been dealing with this issue for awhile, and then tried to change the conversation, because she was at this event to talk about business, not her ailments.

But Julie knows she could help Tara and tells her that, and  encourages her to give it a try,  before Tara moves on to chat with someone else.

Maybe you’ve been in either of those positions and end up feeling yucky.

It doesn’t feel good to be sold to when you haven’t even asked.  It also doesn’t feel good to get rebuffed when you are only offering help.

It’s so easy to get off track from your real heart centered love of what you do, and  into one of these archetypes:

Rescuer – Rescuers offer help when they haven’t been invited and assume that the person needs their help, when in fact, they might already have all the help they want.  

Poor Me-er – You are feeling a sense of scarcity, worried about money, and desperate for paying clients.  In that space, you might push your services onto to someone who hasn’t even shown an interest or asked.  All this does is push them away from you.

Self-doubter-  From a self-doubt place, you wonder if you are any good at what you do. You want paying clients to prove to you that you are ok, that you can help people and make your business work. It becomes all about you and not about them. 

Are any of these are familiar to you,?  We’ve all been there. 

How to do this important part of your business is not something you were taught.

You need to be loving to yourself and know that you are in fact a caring wise soul, so you can learn to bring that energy into your sales conversations too. 


Staying in a place of love always works. Like magic it can help you to stay out of those three archetypal places and instead be empowered, confident, and clear. 

I’ll be sharing more about what this means and some simple things you can do make that shift.  

Join me April 21 for my Free Class 
3 Secrets to Heart-centered Selling

 Just Sign-up below 



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Apr 07 2015

Authentic Selling From the Heart

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FeaturePics-LotusAumIllustrations072147-52648You know deep in your heart that it’s so important to stay in your truth and integrity in every part of your business.


What are your values that are always a part of who you are?



Write them down on a piece of paper right now and just notice how you feel.  

You might be thinking how easy it should  be to stay in that aligned place in every part of your business.

It is and isn’t. When you feel strong, clear, open, and in the flow, it just happens and of course those values are deeply part of who you are so they don’t disappear.

However, there are times when you lose touch, feel out of alignment, feel fear, scarcity, and all those other things you wish you could erase forever.

Many people I work with struggle with just this polarity the minute they enter a sales conversation.

It feels like you lose your real self and instead a weird shadow side of you appears. 

You begin to feel uncomfortable, sweat, and feel nauseas.  Funny how bringing up money will trigger this.

I know most of you have trouble with selling because it feels out of integrity. However you may need to dig deeper into your values and listen. 

You certainly want to be paid. You give so much and want the money to flow in without having to ask for it. 

If you stay within your true values ( not your fears)  and stand in a very sacred space, selling is another deep way of giving help to your clients.

Here are a few things that can cause holes in your sales process and some things you can do to shift!

•  You just don’t feel comfortable asking for people to buy.
It will confuse your clients if you have given them so much heart-centered support, and when they really want your help to make this important decision, you disappear into your own fears.

Your clients have their own money issues, fears around making a decision, or confusion, and they need you to be solid and supportive through the whole process. Can you see how important this is?

 • You are worried that if you send out too many emails to your people about your offer, people will unsubscribe. Some people will always leave because they realize they aren’t a good fit for your list any longer. Your loyal tribe will stay and new people will come. The important thing is to tell your story and stay with your values in every email. 

•  You might try to sell too soon in the process. People have to be ready. Imagine yourself at a shop looking at jackets on a rack.  If the clerk  pushes you into buying when you are still looking,  you would be irritated and maybe leave. You aren’t ready yet. However, when you try on that gorgeous leather jacket, you love it if the clerk  turns up and tells you you look smashing. The support feels good and can help you decide to buy it.  A good clerk will be honest and possibly offer you another jacket to look at that might be a better fit.  That clerk is only there to help you.

How can you stay more in your values even in these challenging sales conversations?

Please tell me the one thing you have the biggest struggle with around sales. I would love to hear what that is for you. 

And then join me on April 22nd for a FREE class 3 Secrets to Heart-Centered Selling. 

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Apr 05 2015

Writing with Moon Cycles

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abstract space background with stars and sunrise fully in the midst of book writing-land.

Those of you who follow my blog and read it regularly (huge thanks:) know that I like to share my own personal challenges with you all.


This book is of course, deeply important to me.

 My first one was good too, but I wrote it  because I thought I needed to have a book published, for credibility, blah, blah.

You know how that works. 

I bet some of you have done the same, or are thinking about it. It was fairly easy compared to this new book because I simply grabbed blog posts and articles I had already written, put them together with some glue and a book was created. 

It was a part of my footprint, but only the first few steps as I ventured out into the world, asking myself, “why am I doing this business and what is it that only I can offer to the world?”

But this time it’s different. I know my mission.

This book is about my purpose and that gift I want to be known for.

I’ve spent my whole adult life searching and waiting for the lightening bolt in the sky. I’m sure you’ve done the same or are in that search still. 

These three questions I have had to ask myself over and over:

1. Why are you even running this business?
2. Why is it so important?
3. Why would you work this hard?

Certainly it’s not for the money. Money would never motivate me, especially when I look around and see at least half the people my age are retired, or semi-retired, while taking up painting, traveling, social causes, and other things I would love to do but barely have time for.

Money is a barometer of success but not enough to make me work this hard.

I’m doing this because it is what I am meant to do. It’s who I am. 

It’s my footprint, my life-work, my legacy, my gift to the world, whatever you call it. 

As you are reading this you might be thinking that you don’t have a clue what this would be for you. Maybe you’re still trying to figure this out. One of my clients who is 80 years old and still working and writing, says she didn’t have clarity about her mission until she was 72.

I just read an article about Frieda Lefeber, at age 100, who just had her first gallery art show. 

Suddenly I feel very young at age 68, and it wasn’t until I was almost 60 that I began to get clarity around my big Why.

If you are 30, 40, or 50, just know that now I see how everything I have done, my degrees, different businesses, the ones that worked, the ones that didn’t, raising my son, my challenges , divorce, tears, moving to New Zealand, moving back; the whole gestalt, is all part of my purpose now.

That’s the one message I have for you today. 

It doesn’t matter that you don’t know yet,  just keep doing what you love and follow the thread. Eventually all the pieces will connect and you will use everything, every last bone of it will be part of your special soup.

It’s really quite ironic how this works, so you might as well enjoy the ride.

My book is called “Wiser and Wilder,  the Path of the Visionary Woman Entrepreneur.” It isn’t a how-to book. It is a How to Be book.  Very different. And I have to BE in a certain place while writing it. 

My biggest challenge is getting it written. It takes a certain quality of time to tune in to that Neverlandish place, let go of the details of life, so I can uncork the hollow bamboo and allow the words to float through and onto the page.

I wish I could go into my wardrobe at will and enter somewhere like Narnia for Writers and have an instant retreat. (I already own that url:)

I do the best when on a writing retreat at the ocean, in the forest, anywhere but in my office, in my house, where I am distracted by a million different things that feel like little faces with mouths, saying “me, me!”  

So I go away where all the stuff is not seen or heard, and it’s gone for awhile.

My old friend, Barry Brailslford,  in New Zealand, wrote each of his books during the two weeks from new moon to full moon.  He says that the the moon growing fuller and brighter, supported his writing and allowed it to expand with less effort. It’s like being brought along for the ride as the moon gradually grows to fullness.

There are so many ways of working in sync with nature. It’s easy to forget something so obvious as the moon cycles.

However, there is no right way, so be careful about trying to copy someone else.  Just because it worked for him, doesn’t mean its right for you.( or me, in this case)

If you think about planting your garden, some plants do better when planted with the full moon, and some with the dark moon.

Strangely enough,  as the moon goes from full to dark is my best writing times.  My writing, unlike my friend Barry’s, needs to come from from the deeper part of myself. I need to tap into my intuition, woman’s wisdom, call on the crone goddesses, spirits, angels, and everyone who will support me to bring the deep truths into the light. I need to listen, chant, pray, and be open.

For me, the first step is to be in the dark, and take the moon path inward where it gets deeper and darker.  As I do this, ideas, and stories appear and words drop onto the page. 

I imagine that once my first draft is completed, I will switch to new moon writing. In the the second draft, the main content will have been germinated and written, and it will be time to make it pretty and bring it to birth.

The full moon was yesterday and this week I am off to Breitenbush Hotsprings for three days of writing and will be “in the dark,” literally, as there is no internet and no phone service. Oh, and no distractions! There is a labyrinth, hot mineral springs, and all the food cooked for me. 

I’ll be doing the same thing during the dark moon in May and hope to have the whole rough draft completed by then.

Please send me your kind thoughts and quiet support as I will feel your blessings. 

I leave you with a few questions. 

How could you use the energies of the moon to help you in your creative process?

Is the dark moon calling you, or do you need to dance with the growing full moon?

They are both important for any creative project.

But the most important thing is to take the space and do it!

Where are you feeling challenged right now?

I am still offering my special Business Alignment session. One full hour with me to delve into the moon energy and get more clarity of what you want to give birth to. Only $97 for a limited time.

Just answer these three questions and then  Contact me. 

1. How do you feel out of alignment or unclear in your business?

2. How would it be different if you were clear about how to move forward?

3. What seems to be holding you back or getting in your way?

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