3 Facets of a Women’s Way

Reclaiming the woman’s way is about each of you retrieving your soul, your Wise and Wild Woman who is meant to be part of you, as your partner.

Allow her intrinsic presence to permeate your being as you take her core values into your work in the world, your service and your own entrepreneurial creation.

What a comfort to know that your roots are already firmly planted in a woman’s world, and you only have to be a more fully actualized version of yourself. 

This is so  needed in order for you to make real change.

Once you cultivate and grow a more authentic version of yourself, you begin to realize it’s not all about you, it’s also about global change and knowing that these values are what the world needs right now.

The trick is to tune inward everyday. When I begin work I see myself as as similar to a piece of clay that needs to be whole and centered in every part of myself.

From this place, I can create, coach, support, write, manage money or whatever, and it flows from a place of spirit.  All those pieces stay connected and aligned.

kaya on beach2

Women need to be with their inner world before they can be their best in the outer. The two worlds mirror each other. This includes body, mind, spirit and heart.

You will work way more effectively when you are centered, tuned in and accessing all parts of yourself that make you a whole woman.

The women’s way of doing business begins with emotions and intuition. Ideas percolate on the inner planes and feelings emerge way before thoughts.

Women’s knowing lives in their womb, the energetic and physical place of birth.

Understanding the Women’s Way of business can help you to tap into the core of who you are and to know you don’t have to change yourself to fit anyone else’s picture of how you should be.

You are more likely to be successful when you are operating in harmony with your inner self and really listening to your inner wisdom.

Women are naturally:

• Wholistic
• Intuitive
• Connective

Begin by integrating these three strengths as integral parts of your core values. Doing this will help you to re-claim your soul, replenish your hunger and reinstate your inherent connection with your wise and wild woman.

From that Being-ness place you will be able to Do all the things to activate your business and realize your vision. 

I also work with my clients in this way. I see your spirit and what you are meant to do in the world. There are so many are-inspiring women who just need a little bit of help to realize their vision. 

If you are one of those read on.  I would love to help you.

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Find Your Own Way

I met with my book editor yesterday (who is awesome) and she outlined the next editing steps for my book. I love that she is my friend and she lives in my neighborhood so we can meet over cups of tea.

It’s a lot of work for me to do this next stage of editing,  but I can do it. I can knuckle down and focus on it and I’ll get into it. In fact, I am excited about seeing it all connect together to become a stronger book.

What I’m not excited about is all the other parts of the process in order to put my baby out into the world. I am referring to the marketing, book launch, promotion, and deadlines.  I know how to do it all, but when I think about all that stuff my energy plummets.

I wish I could just do one step at a time and not think about the other parts, but I want people to actually read this book when it’s done. I want it to be really out there in a big way because it’s going to help people and make a difference.  it’s meant to be big!

I know how important it is to not just create, but to do the business integration parts.

Maybe you have a similar project where you just want to focus on the creative project you are bringing to life, and not want to think about the  marketing, business plan, deadlines, etc.

It brings up a lot of nos for me,  things I don’t want to do.

Find your own way (1)

I feel like a combination of rebellious kid and yogi crone.  One part of me wants to have a tantrum and the other part just wants to sit and commune in nature and help people as they appear in my circle.

But nos don’t work. A no is like throwing water on a fire.  It steams and turns into smoke that makes you cough and not be able to breath.

I need to find my own way that’s filled with yeses.

I went for a walk and had an image of walking down a hallway and seeing a door at the end that is the logical one to open, the place I need to go to do these next steps, and yet I know in my soul that this isn’t my door. I even gently tried turning the knob and it wouldn’t even open.  I knew I could push on it and break it down but I’m sure I  would break more than my wrist this time. 

I need to listen.

I have to find my door and one that is wide open with sea breezes, spaciousness, and a fire with my Wise Woman sitting  and waiting for me to join her.

Only from this place can I do all this stuff in a way that will be my way.

My Wise Woman keeps me grounded, rooted to the Earth, and confident enough to follow a path that emerges one step at a time.

It’s not about ability or energy. I really don’t have less energy than I did 10, 15, or 20 years ago. What has changed is that I am not able to push myself past those healthy boundaries, as a did then.

I used to just do it anyway and be Crazy Woman busy. I had more resilience then. If I stressed I recovered from it faster.

Now I feel like I am on a balance beam and could fall off if I am not mindful. I do think it is a developmental issue as most of my friends my age, feel similar.

We are all vibrantly doing things but need to operate in a different vibrational  way. I have to listen now, and if something feels like too much, either I need to get help, find a new way, or just let it go..

 I wish I could have learned these things much sooner and developed the habit of really listening to my inner voice, sitting with my Wise Woman,  finding my own center, and stepping into my own way to express my work in the world.

So you don’t have to wait until you are 68 or 88 to shift the way you use your energy. You can listen right now and make huge transformations that will only support you moving with more ease.

Is this making sense to you? Are  you feeling any of these ways?  I would love to invite you into my circle. I am happy to listen and offer some support. I get it!

I would love to hear how you feel stuck, what you want to do your way, and what kind of support would help you.

I’m  offering a $97  Find Your Own Way Session ( a $200 savings)

Available to the first 5 people who respond. 

Just answer these three questions and send me an email and we will schedule a time. 

1. What is your creative project that you are giving birth to?
2. How do you feel stuck moving forward?
3. What kind of help would make the biggest difference?
4. Send email.

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What is a Visionary Entrepreneur?

This term visionary seems to get used a lot these days.  Last week someone asked me if people know what I mean by the term, visionary entrepreneur.

Those words are in the subtitle of my book and these are the exact people my book is being created for. (Wiser and Wilder: A Soulful Journey for Visionary Women Entrepreneurs)

Although the meaning seems obvious to me,  I thought, “what if I had to define it, what would I say?”  

So here are  three main things that helps define who a visionary entrepreneur is.

Is this you?

1.   World Changer. You have more than just a vision for your business.  Your vision certainly needs to include your financial goals and your picture that of what kind business you want to create in the future. Every good business owner does this. However, as a true visionary entrepreneur, your passion is to deeply make a difference in the world and have a desire for real change. Your vision is way bigger than your business and can include social change and reflects a profound reason for doing your work.

2. Personal Vision. You not only want to make a significant difference, but you also want to feel personally fulfilled in what you do. It’s important that you are doing exactly what your heart and soul is meant to express in this lifetime. In this regard, you are following your own unique vision and it over flows and overlaps into your business. You may have had a job that was ok and provided challenges but it wasn’t your purpose. As a visionary entrepreneur you are actualizing your purpose via your business.

3. Innovative and creative.  You look at things in unique ways, willing to take risks, and do what’s not been done before. Some of your ideas might not seem to fly financially, so it can be about overcoming huge obstacles and looking at how to make it all work.  You choose to hang around with a tribe who is similar to you and won’t try to hold you back. A visionary entrepreneur learns how to combine their creativity and passion with their entrepreneurial side.

 Take a risk and see what happens...

The two things  that stop most visionaries from creating a business that works is lack of business skills and having a scarcity mindset. The most successful visionaries are those people who have risked everything and hired the best expert help.  It’s about changing your mindset in order to combine your visionary side with your entrepreneur side. As a true visionary entrepreneur you are ready to grow bigger, sometimes way past your comfort zone. 

Is your mindset holding you back from making the changes that you need to make in order to have the impact you want to have in the world? Do you want to touch more people and fulfill your dream?

Are you a world changer?
Do you have a strong personal vision?
Are you a creative risk-taker?

Love to talk with you. If could be that just a small but powerful shift in your mindset is standing between you and your success.  Contact me now to chat.  You are the kind of person I would love to work with. 



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10 Tips to Getting More Clients the Wise Woman Way

One question that seems to never end is, “How do you get more clients?”

Even in the higher levels of business, there is still a need to attract new clients.

Most visionary women get stuck here in the first three to five years and then it re-surfaces again if you want to grow to a larger business. The question is eternal. 

You  end up spending most of your time on your vision, doing what you love, and then wondering how to close that gap between that and making real money.

This is the number one issue I hear over and over and over.

Do you sometimes notice yourself willing to work with anyone  just to get money coming in?  Those anyone people are often not your best fit and will deplete your energy.

This is an ok short term band aid approach when you are first getting started but will never get your business really rocking and you will never be really happy. It’s a bit like having a day job. Only I actually think the day job with paycheck is a better choice than compromising your branding.

Add a little bit of body text

Here are 10 tips today to get you shifting inwardly and to begin thinking past that quick fix of cash. Instead you want to build a brand that will allow you to shine and do your best work. 

1. Know exactly the yummy, best clients you want to work with.  I know, I know, you’ve heard this a million times. But often people don’t have the answer. It requires you to really know them.

2. Describe them in their words ( not yours)  How would they describe their problem?

3. What kind of questions would these people ask? What do they want help with. If you don’t know, find out. ( This is not about the help you think they “should” want)

4. Write a blog post that addressed their main question and offer some tips (just like I am doing here).

5. Add a large picture to your post and  make sure it stands out. Add a  quote to it from your article. Make that your feature picture.

6. Add a call to action- ask people to do something. Only one action or people will get confused and do nothing. Generally it has to do with signing up for a class or downloading a freebie. 

7. Post your blog on Facebook with an engaging few words. Asking the same questions can work.

8. Know what makes you stand out and be attractive to these people. Could be your hobbies, your red hair, your art work…these things make you different from everyone else. Bring those things out in everything you do.

9. Make the homepage of your webiste about your perfect clients ( not everyone).  Read it from their eyes. Is it engaging?

10. Be authentically you in everything you do.

What are you hiding might be the one thing that people love about you.

What you are hiding might be the one

I know you want to follow your dream, make a difference, and also be abundant.

There is a way to do this the Wise Woman Way.

Find out more about how, on my free class June 30th. 

5 Steps to the Wise Woman Way of Doing Business

Join us!

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A Women’s Way of Doing Business

The traditional corporate male way of doing business is damaging to women. I’m referring to heavy competition and power sales. (yes, it is also damaging to some men:)

You can begin right now to accept yourself the way you are and stand fully in that place that says, “I can and am building a business and life path based on my values, my true sprit, my voice in the world, and be highly successful”.

Women do business the way we do everything.

I want to build a soul brand and be

It doesn’t work for us to suddenly step into another identity!

In reality, in today’s world people want authenticity. I love that word and it’s one of the words of this decade. Why is that? We have all been bombarded with corporate messaging that is anything but real. We are sick of hype and marketing that lies and manipulates.

Indeed, the best marketing is about you being YOU. Who you are is way more important than what you do.

Regardless of how large your business is, people want to connect with you, the real you, your spirit part of you, the woman who dances, screams, sobs, digs in the garden, or whatever. it’s all about your story, your challenges, what makes your light shine. It draws people to you like bees to honey.

People are starved for real relationships and this is what business is all about.

Women tend to learn from each other, they tend to have a strong intuition and heart-centeredness that, when they tap into it, will be a wellspring of creative energy and inspiration that can be converted into their message and innovative ideas.

Women are still influenced by a strong picture about what you have to do and be, in order to be successful.

One of my clients, Susan, who is an energy healer, shared the pain she felt about having to spend hours in front of her computer on social media, trying to sell herself.

Her posts were very promotional and salesy. Of course she hated this and it drained her life force. The idea of incorporating her same energy of healing into her marketing and Facebook posts was a concept she hadn’t glommed on to.

She had the two parts of herself separated. On one hand there was the lovely deep work she did with her clients where she is 100% with them, giving empathy, connecting to a deep place. And yet her marketing messages were all heady and promotional, with no tinge of her heart and soul. She had tried to put her round shape into that square box and not only did it not work, she was feeling stressed and out of balance.

So, there is a Wise Woman Way of doing business.

What makes this so Valuable?

Women need other women. Women have been supporting each other for eons, whether around quilting bees or sitting around the fire making tortillas. It’s in our genes to sit in circle with other women.

Understanding the Women’s Way of business can help you to tap into the core of who you are and to know you don’t have to change yourself to fit anyone else’s picture of how you should be.

You are more likely to be successful when you are operating in harmony with your inner self and really listening to your inner wisdom.

Begin with integrating wholism, emotions and intuition, and relationships as being an integral part of your core values. Doing this will help you to re-claim your soul, replenish your hunger, and reinstate your inherent connection with your wise and wild woman.

So accept who you are, your gifts, and your ways of being in the world. It is so needed right now. It’s my belief that if all women really stepped into their power and began to operate from this place as a universal group, individually we could all be so much more effective in terms of the changes you want to make.

Have a look at this chart I developed and see how many things you identify with. 

Wise Woman comparison

Do you want to shift from the left column to the right side?  Do you need support and tools to make this happen? Wise Women Fire Circle is calling you!


Open House happening soon. Join us!  



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