Oct 15 2014

5 Ways to Get Un-Stuck at Being a Technician?

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inspiredI’m sure you had fantasies of growing a six-figure business in a short time. 

You know it’s possible and so many people say they’ve done it and promise to show you how.

So, with excitement you began your business and now some years later you are still stuck at $30,000 a year or even $60,000 a year and you don’t know what went wrong!

Or you are ashamed to admit that you are only  at $20,000 a year.

You are working long hours and doing your thing, whether it’s healing work,  writing, coaching, designing, or some other focus that takes all of your time.

You do everything yourself because  (a) you don’t have the money to hire people or (b) you don’t know how to let go of what only you can do. 

There are times you feel like one of those hamsters with their  wheel going around and around. 

You have the mindset of a technician; someone who does the work, whatever it is.

Technicians work on the cars in a shop. If it a successful business, the owner never gets her hands dirty ever again. 

The owner is the visionary entrepreneur and has the overview, plans for business growth, watches the bank balance,  and makes strategic decisions.

The owner has a clear vision of where the business is going and has goals and a path laid out to get there. 

Do  you have a clear vision of where your business is going and what needs to happen to manifest that vision?

If you are a technician you probably don’t have time or know how to create this picture. You might not be wearing the entrepreneurial hat. 


Here are 5 super-empowering things you can do if you want to switch hats.  As you do these things, it will be like looking in the mirror and not just seeing the new hat, but also a new attitude on your face!  

Warning: These things require you to shift and step out of your coveralls!

1.  Take yourself on a business retreat. It could be a weekend away to the beach or mountains.  Or it could be someplace inspiring right in your town. The main thing is to shift to a different mental space. You are going to have a visionary meeting with your business, so don’t combine this with visiting friends or a shopping trip. Get out of your house!

2. Tell at least three people you trust. Pick people who will be supportive and ideally are people you would see as mentors. Ask them if you can contact them for a 15 minute phone or skype call while you are away.  Ask them if you can share with them and ask them for quick feedback if you get stuck or unsure.

If they don’t have time or not interested, ask someone else. Offer to do something for them in return or offer to pay them if you feel that would be appropriate.  These people will be your visioning team. 

3. Get some good quality marketing pens – at least 12 colors and some large sheets of paper. You don’t have to be an artist so don’t freak out. This is isn’t going to be an art project. It is an information gathering session and  using markers and color will help you to connect more with your ideas. It moves from being just a mental exercise to being emotional and intuitive as well. 

4. While you are in your retreat answer these questions.  
•  Who am I?
•  Whats my mission and why is that important?
•  What’s working in my business?
•  What is not working?
•  What needs to change or grow in order to make it work?
•  What is the inner or outer obstacle?
•  What is my money goal ?
•  What needs to happen to get there?
•  What kind of help or support do I need?
•  What are the next steps?

5. With your paper and markers show each question and every answer or response you can imagine. using colors, arrows, large and small words, faces, hearts, or whatever.  Remember, this isn’t art. It is just a visual map of your ideas going forward.  There are no mistakes. 

When its all done, stand back and look at it. Notice how you feel. You’ve just stepped out of technician role and stepped into the role of the visionary entrepreneur. 

Remember, its not about getting a right answer. It is a process and every time you do it, you become clearer. 

helpAre you willing?  I know you can do this!  However if you want support and someone to walk the path with  you, contact me for a free strategy phone session to help you get going. 

Ask me questions in the comment section below. I promise to answer.

oh- and here is what I did recently- I created my own map with  only 12 markers. Have a look!

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Oct 08 2014

Your Yellow Brick Road

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Do you ever feel like this guy in the picture? 
You know there is a path to follow, you even know some of the steps, but it’s so hard!!

You really want the pot of gold at the end but the process to get from here to there is scary!

There so many monsters to get past, issues to face, and difficulties to overcome. It makes you unconsciously choose to stay where it’s safe.

It’s overwhelming to engage with all those emotions and still make progress.

I went to a networking mixer group recently. The kind where people mix around with drink in hand. I know you’ve heard me talk about networking groups and how I don’t enjoy them.

The introvert part of me just wants to stay home. All the small talk wears me out. I was the presenter though, so it was worth it to go, of course. My introvert doesn’t have a problem with being on stage and holding the mic. Funny how that works:)

But what I noticed was that there were a lot of bored looking people there. I had the feeling they were there because they knew it was important to take action and take steps to get more clients, be more visible, and meet people. 

Some people didn’t seem bored. They were animated, laughing a lot, and generally more present. Being there was the right step for them. They were in their comfort zone. 

For the bored group, this might not have been the best step forward. If I wasn’t on stage I would have looked like one of them! This is the reason I quit going to those kind of mixer groups. 

Every business has it’s own yellow brick road and the steps are not the same for each of us. This was a big aha for me and one of my awarenesses that helped me get closer to that pot of gold. 

Your own plan needs to take into account:

•  What you enjoy doing and what lights you up.
•  What you are naturally good at.
•  What will give you the most return on your investment of time and energy.
•  What you need to do and how to get support so it’s not so scary.
• An understanding of how each step leads to the next one. There is a pattern. 

Imagine you wanted to have a few friends over for a dinner party. You can visualize the lovely meal on the table and you beaming with pleasure as they all take their first bite.

However, you’ve never done this before and you worry you will mess up, burn the roast or over-cook the veggies. 
That fear could stop you, or you might plan really well. Make sure you have all the ingredients, utensils in the right location, recipes, time blocked out, etc. You might even get a friend to help.

Do you have a plan with all the steps to take to get to your business pot of gold? 

If not you will  either stay where it’s safe or you will freeze at first sign of a monster. 

How do I know this?  Well- that was me, in fear and overwhelm and it kept me stuck for too many years. I finally have that clear plan; my yellow brick road to success.

Your plan becomes your new safety. As long as  you follow it and get help when needed, you’ll get there. 

Here is an easy and super low cost way to get your own plan.  Wise Woman Map!

What are you waiting for?  I offer a totally FREE strategy session. If you’ve never had one, contact me. 


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Oct 01 2014

How To Connect Your Business Dots

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Map womanYou know those one size fits all dresses?  They never fit me! I suspect they never really fit anyone!

Similarly, a plan that works for one business, won’t work for another! Businesses, like bodies, don’t all look the same.

When I was a kid I used to love the connect the dot puzzles. I loved how magically the dots turned into a elephant or a horse.

It was comforting to know that I would get a lovely picture once I followed the dots with my pencil.

I also wanted a “connect the dots plan”  for my business so I could see exactly how reach that elusive $100,000 a year mark.

I couldn’t visualize those steps were!

I read everything I could get my hands on, took a couple of seminars, and hired a business coach, but it always felt like my specific issues weren’t being addressed. It was a one size fits all approach.

I wanted a clear plan for my specific business that I could clearly see and was a reflection of my passion and my mission.

What works for one kind of business doesn’t work for another.

For instance, the first coach told me to begin marketing to corporate executives so I could charge more. Huh? I’ve never spent even one day working in a corporate environment. It might have been a good business model, but it wasn’t me.

I managed to get to $60,000 per year from pure determination and focus, but I also knew there was a path to follow in order to get to that higher level; a mindset, and a plan.

It doesn’t just happen even though there are tons of people who claim they can teach you overnight!

There were times I felt like I was walking down the yellow brick road and on track but then I would get side-tracked or confused and landed in the poppies. I’d wake up groggy and had just wasted tons of time

This happened over and over. Maybe something similar has happened to you and you wonder if you will ever see that plan; the perfect dress that is exactly your size!

I’m happy to say that I do have that connect the dots visual plan now and it is working.
wise woman map doodle

What I so love to do now, is help people to crystal, clearly see their own plan.

The truth is:

One size does not fit all!
Your business is unique.
You need to watch out for the poppies!

You also don’t need to spend thousands of dollars and commit to six months to get this kind of visually clear help.

We can sit down at the virtual kitchen table and do this in two meetings and at the end you will also get one of these hand-made by me, cool graphic recordings of your plan so you can hang it on your wall and see it! 

No more taking arduous notes and then never remembering to look at them.

It will all be in full color and a clear picture of:
• Where and Who you are now
• Where you are going
• What you need to support this emerging of your self and success. 

Visuals really work on a deeper level. I know this and I love doing these kind of graphic doodling.

Here is my special offer to you:

Two content rich sessions with me. I listen, help you see what’s hidden, what your strengths are, and what magic you need to make it happen. And then I create one of these whimsical, magical graphic doodles for you and all from your wisdom!  

It’s your Wisdom Map. Get more information here or just contact me so we can get started!

Ask questions, make comments! I love to hear from you!

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Sep 24 2014

Visionary Women’s Fire

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Circle-on-beach-325I still remember the women’s gatherings I  was part of while living in New Zealand.

Every one was a profound experience with women showing up, opening their hearts and souls, throwing their baggage  into the fire, and leaving at the end of the week being transformed deeply at the core level.

The corporate version of this is called “Leadership Training” but it doesn’t even begin to touch what we did.

In fact, we were developing ourselves as leaders in a big way.  We were changing ourselves, our souls, and our spirits.

This was 15-20 years ago and when I left there, some of me stayed behind on that beautiful beach with my sisters. 

However, I knew part of my mission was to come here and bring the same energy to women entrepreneurs; those who are visionaries, and care so deeply about doing what they love and bringing positive change to the world.

Have you faced these issues below? I did and it was really hard!

• You feel passionate about your mission but struggle to create a real business that will sustain you for the long haul! 

• Your self doubts, fears, and confusion can take over, and with no fire to walk through, you can get side-tracked for long periods of time! 

 • You need help in how to focus and  convert your passion into prosperity.

•  You feel  isolated and alone  instead of being in a circle with a group of supportive women! 

As women, we are not wired to operate this way. We need community!

We need our sisters, people who speak our language and get who we are!

There is a women’s way of doing business and it involves community, spirit, and support.

So I finally am keeping my promise to myself and have proudly opened the doors the the Awake Business Virtual TeaHouse. 

On thing women love to do is to pour a cup of tea and share with each other, catch up on news, and fill up on women energy!

However in this TeaHouse we also operate on the soul level. I have brought the energy from  my beach and merged it with the world of concrete business help!  Yes, this is possible! 

If this all speaks to you then you are meant to be part of this community!  It isn’t for everyone. I know that.  But the women who have joined are so present and committed to their path and their success.

Read more about it and if you get a YES jump in now while the fire is hot!  It won’t burn you but you will be transformed forever.

CHristineAlready I have had epiphanies about how I need to change my business focus and others have shared their realizations too. 

The open-ness and honesty is heartwarming, and the sharing of ideas and realizing that what I have to share can help the other Teahouse members, is empowering!  
Christine Leov Lealand, Writer and Publisher

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Sep 17 2014

Video challenge!

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No matter how many videos I’ve made I still don’t find it an easy process.

I never like how I look, how I sound, I forget what I was going to say, and I end up having to take a dozen videos to get one that is finally good enough.  

This is what I did last weekend. It was a perfect day for it. There was shade in the backyard and  I managed to get everything set up.  I asked my husband press the record button and we did two of them within minutes.

I actually sounded pretty good but didn’t like how I looked.  I felt I should have been wearing a necklace!  So we were onto take two! 

We did two more in the second round, and I was sure we were done, but then when  I downloaded them onto the computer the sound was horrible. I realized I had forgotten  to turn on the mic!!

Take three. By this time I was getting tired but I did two more. The one here below is the final one and is the very last take.  

Truthfully- I like how I sounded in the very first one better, but I opted for the one where I was wearing a necklace! Ugh- I hate to admit this but it’s true! 

I hope you like it and most of all I hope you like the message!

The TeaHouse is amazing and I am so proud of creating this awesome community for women entrepreneurs.  But I don’t want to spoil it for you, so go ahead and watch  first and then comment after! 

In the TeaHouse we are about to have a video challenge.  Everyone is going to make one! 
Women love working together and supporting each other.

Everyone will post their video in the forum and it will be fun to see the variety! 

Join us. Let your inner critic go on a walk and just do it!  If I could, you can too.

Or, better yet, you can join us in the TeaHouse. 

What do you think? I would love your feedback, but please be kind:) 


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