Dec 18 2014

Arms to the Sky

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Tui beach Wayne and KayaAt the end of each year I find myself looking back at where I was a year ago.

It’s sort of like entering a time warp and once I begin to go back I end up going – way back and remembering ten  or twenty years ago and its weird because in some ways I don’t feel twenty years older and in other ways, I’m not the same person at all! 

Twenty years ago I was still this pre-menopause hot chick,  living in New Zealand and barely thinking about how to make money.  I was happy with my part-time “practice,” and had no interest in owning a business with all the headaches that come with it.  I wanted to just go on being a free spirit.

But I realized I was like a tree growing and stretching my arms out to the sky.  The branches wanted to grow bigger, be seen and make a bigger impact.  The roots wanted to dig deeper so I would stand out in the forest.

The business has been a growth process for sure, but the real thing that keeps me going is the sap in my tree wanting to be taller, to take my message to those people I am meant to touch.

So, I am Older and also Wiser as you are too, regardless of your age. We all keep learning and growing.

So, it’s good to remember the highlights of your year and realize how far you have come in a few short months.

Here is an easy, fun, and creative activity.  Beginning from January  2014 make a list of every accomplishment. That can include clients you’ve helped, articles you’ve written, something you  published, speaking, launching something new, taking charge of something you were afraid of doing, moving to a new office, giving birth to a new program.

Once you have that list, put it on your altar and place a candle on top of it, giving appreciation for the new branches in your tree and the new wisdom that has come with it.

Leave that paper there until New Years and then when you write your New Years intentions you can replace it.

Listen to my Podcast on New Years Day to find out about how to create  intentions for your business.

One of own accomplishments in 2014 was publishing my Podcast: Business the Wise Woman Way

I’m sure the branch that grew as a result of that, is huge. I Overcame so many fears and challenges in the process. However, now that it’s launched it’s so easy and fun.  If you haven’t had the chance to listen- I encourage you to. I have interviewed some amazing people; Flora Bowely, painter and owner of Brave Intuitive You,  Jennifer Lee of RIght Brain Business Plan,  Luna Jaffe of Wild Money, just to name a few.  Today you will hear Isha Lerner, astrologer and Power of Flowers.

Another huge success I had was launching The Awake Business Virtual TeaHouse, my online women entrepreneur community, mastermind, and coaching group.  It has far exceeded my orginal expectations. 

This morning two Teahouse women wrote about how they were in love with the TeaHouse for the connections they have made with other women and the strides they have made in their business as a result. I cried when I read this. Literally.  This is why I love what I do. 

It is such a blessing. I just want to make a difference and empower women to go for it!

So, in these days moving toward Solstice write our your list. I know you will be amazed at what you have actually done this year. You might spend too much time focusing on the issues and not enough on the amazing results.  

It is so important to look at the light and help it to grow even brighter!

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Dec 18 2014

Isha Lerner: Astrology, Tarot, and Power of Flowers 012

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th_isha_031913_smIsha Lerner is so much more than an astrologer and when you listen to this deeply moving interview you will get it! I feel blessed that Isha has been a close friend since our children both started Waldorf School in 1985.

I am thrilled that she agreed to do this interview as her story is so important for all women who have begun a business from a love and passion for something that was once considered a fringe modality.

I have watched Isha shift from a place of not fully embracing her  true calling to the shift of creating a highly successful business  as an author, creator of a powerful line of flower essences, creator of her own Tarot decks, an international speaker, being a highly acclaimed astrologer, and so much more. 

She shares so much deep wisdom in this interview and it will be especially potent to women entrepreneurs who want to follow their true passion and intuitive calling, and also develop a sustainable business.

Isha began her venture in her late 20s and is now stepping into her wise woman years. You will love her story and her advice about following your spiritual destiny.


About Isha Lerner

Isha Lerner is an astrologer with an international reputation whose deep interest and broad background in Western mythology and fairytales form the foundations of her prowess as an interpreter of Tarot.

She co-authored the best-selling Inner Child Cards: A Fairy Tale Tarot (published 1993 by Bear and Company), which illustrates the transformative relationship between fairytales and human development. The Inner Child Cards have been translated into eight languages. In 2001, Bear and Company published the companion book, The Inner Child Cards’ Workbook.

Isha is also co-author of The Triple Goddess TarotThe Power of Flowers book/deck set and The Tarot of the Four Elements. A long-time writer for numerous periodicals, including Welcome to Planet EarthHealing CurrentsPlanet Light worker and Children of the New Earth, she has also been a guest columnist for several newspapers and journals and has twice appeared on the New Dimensions Radio program.

The foundations of Isha’s work go back to challenging ‘out of body events’ and an ongoing mystical communion with Nature she experienced during childhood. Her work with the pioneering research of Robert Monroe and his book, Journeys Out of the Body, proved to be profoundly healing and triggered a lifetime of passionate exploration of metaphysics and mysticism.

While living in the Hawaiian Islands in her late teens and early twenties, Isha continued her exploration of Nature. During a backpacking trip on the island of Kauai in1975, she heard about the Findhorn Foundation community in Northern Scotland whose work—focused on a three-way cooperation between human beings, Nature, and the Divine—was soon to bring it international renown. Three months later a series of powerful synchronicities had her winging her way to Scotland where she lived and worked in the Foundation for three and a half years.

Isha’s work bridges countries and cultures and is deeply rooted in years of inner and outer journeying and the experiences of global connectedness they have provided. After three plus years of group work as CEO of Inner Sight, she has returned to her first loves of consulting, teaching and writing. You may browse her services here:

Isha lives in Eugene, Oregon where she raised three daughters and, in addition to her work, thrills in grandmother-hood.

Isha picked an Inner Child card for us and this wisdom is for anyone who is reading and listening.ic_ten_hearts

The Ten of Winged Hearts for the Inner Child Cards: A Fairy Tale Tarot co-created by Isha Lerner is a card of absolute gratitude. If offers us guidance to open our hearts to the abundance of love and blessing that is showering down upon us each day. We may become like a chalice, filled with divine elixir, and pouring forth our abundant gifts with devotion and earnest service.

isha_con_quick-peek3Her other offering is her  Quick Peek session exclusively for our listeners.

Please call 541-683-5907 or email to inquire and schedule. 

You can also reach Isha at: and

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Dec 11 2014

Jennifer Lee – Right Brain Success Story 011

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1383060_10154795071830603_2332489120317105808_nJennifer Lee, author of The Right-Brain Business Plan.

In this lovely and insightful interview Jennifer shares about her early beginnings in the corporate world and how she began to wake up and realize that she wasn’t cut out for the masculine, ambition-driven corporate way.

At age 26 she quit everything she had worked for and began coach training and eventually wrote her first book and her business grew from there. Now at age 40 she has the success most people dream about.

You will love this interview as she shares more deeply  about her story and her ideas for her future. Jennifer shares that she is still ambitious and works hard, but this is balanced by using intuition and creativity. She is much happier now. 

Jennifer Lee, author of Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way and bestselling The Right-Brain Business Plan, spent a decade climbing the corporate ladder before pursuing her creative dreams. Through her popular workshops, coaching practice, and writing, she empowers others to follow their passions. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and sweet husky-lab mix.

Her wisdom tip: “Pay attention to your intuition. Listen to what your inner muse is whispering (or sometimes yelling!), in your ear. Her message may not be clear, and it may not make sense. That’s okay. Listen and then take one small action. You never know what your muse will open up for you! “

You can find Jennifer:,,,…


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Dec 03 2014

Luna Jaffe the Road to Wild Money 010

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Luna bliss in costa ricaIt was a pure pleasure to interview Luna Jaffe this week.  I admire Luna for her ability to step into the world of financial advising, when she actually has the true soul of an artist and training as a psychotherapist.

As this is similar to  my own background, and I could relate and know for myself what a struggle it was, and still is at times, to do the business planning and number crunching, when in my heart, I would rather be creating. 

Luna shared her own challenge with this part of herself and some really good tools that have helped her to stay focused on what’s best for her business, and when something is a good idea or not from a financial and business building point of view. The advice she offers is stellar and you will all benefit.

Luna shares her compelling story of how she became a successful  financial adviser when she began with barely any money management skills.

She is now a Certified Financial Planner, visual artist and psychotherapist.  She is CEO of Lunaria Financial, Ltd., a boutique financial planning firm located in Portland, Oregon.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Depth Psychology and is a trained coach. 

Luna is the author of the award winning book, Wild Money: A Creative Journey to Financial Wisdom. This book is beautiful as well as creative and very powerful to help you shift your own money issues.

Luna’s financial planning practice is a unique alchemy of traditional planning, creativity and financial coaching.  She engages her clients in a process that aims to develop financial savvy and confidence while also dealing with cash management, investment allocation, estate and tax planning, business planning and setting/implementing financial goals. 

Luna’s wisdom tip: Make friends with the numbers in your business and personal life.  The sooner you recognize the power of paying attention, the better your business will flourish.  A wise woman business is one that is grounded in intuition and financial savvy.  You must reach for your vision while staying firmly rooted in the earth, which means you hold yourself accountable for the money you are earning, saving, investing and spending as if it were your life blood— which it is!

 To learn more about Luna’s books, classes and speaking please go to
For more information about financial planning:

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Nov 27 2014

Rebecca Skeele: Growing a Spiritual Legacy Business 09

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It was a joy to interview Rebecca Skeele today, party because our life stories overlapped in so many ways, but also because of her transparent sharing and positive attitude. The interview is just filled with so much encouragement for new entrepreneurs and all women who want to hear that they can start with very little and make it.

Rebecca Skeele is an Author, Spiritual Mentor, Wisdom Teacher and Speaker is an ordained minister and licensed clinical mental health counselor,  who has facilitated seminars in practical spirituality in the United States and Europe for 20 years. She has two Master’s degrees: M.A. in Spiritual Counseling and M.A. of Theology in Spiritual Science. She’s been in private practice since 1990 and she is known as an expert in teaching the inner tools to live a divinely guided and deeply fulfilling life.

Born and raised in the south, she lives in Santa Fe, NM with her husband. She’s  mother of two grown children and she now spends her time “writing,  mentoring private clients, teaching and reveling in the awe and mystery of this human journey as a spiritual being”.

In this wonderful interview she told her story of quitting her job at age 38, with two small children and recently divorced.  She wanted to begin her own business but didn’t know what to do. With no money to invest, she sold her jewelry in order to have enough to get started.

She trusted spirit to guide her, and now twenty-five years years later, she is  63, has a successful business and feels so deeply appreciative of her freedom and ability to help women with her wisdom.

Rebecca’s first book was published in Fall 2002: You Can Make It Heaven: How to Live Your Life with Abundance and Loving. She launched her soul-focused Heaven on Earth Wisdom School in 2005. Her yearly live event – Your Sacred Ambition: Lead from Your Divine Power so you can Do Well While Doing Good is held in August each year.

Rebecca’s offers this wisdom for listeners.  “Where ever you are in your life you are on the right track. There is no such thing as being lost or doing it wrong. Everything in your life is for you and the journey
of discovering who you are is what your life is all about.”

Here’s how you can find Rebecca:

Facebook: Make It Heaven
LinkedIn: Rebecca Skeele




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