Sep 17 2014

Video challenge!

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No matter how many videos I’ve made I still don’t find it an easy process.

I never like how I look, how I sound, I forget what I was going to say, and I end up having to take a dozen videos to get one that is finally good enough.  

This is what I did last weekend. It was a perfect day for it. There was shade in the backyard and  I managed to get everything set up.  I asked my husband press the record button and we did two of them within minutes.

I actually sounded pretty good but didn’t like how I looked.  I felt I should have been wearing a necklace!  So we were onto take two! 

We did two more in the second round, and I was sure we were done, but then when  I downloaded them onto the computer the sound was horrible. I realized I had forgotten  to turn on the mic!!

Take three. By this time I was getting tired but I did two more. The one here below is the final one and is the very last take.  

Truthfully- I like how I sounded in the very first one better, but I opted for the one where I was wearing a necklace! Ugh- I hate to admit this but it’s true! 

I hope you like it and most of all I hope you like the message!

The TeaHouse is amazing and I am so proud of creating this awesome community for women entrepreneurs.  But I don’t want to spoil it for you, so go ahead and watch  first and then comment after! 

In the TeaHouse we are about to have a video challenge.  Everyone is going to make one! 
Women love working together and supporting each other.

Everyone will post their video in the forum and it will be fun to see the variety! 

Join us. Let your inner critic go on a walk and just do it!  If I could, you can too.

Or, better yet, you can join us in the TeaHouse. 

What do you think? I would love your feedback, but please be kind:) 


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Sep 10 2014

How to Make an Offer

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KittensI’m sure you so desperately want to get out of the “trade and hour for a dollar” mindset so you can leverage and make more money. Right?

In order to do that you need to be offering more than one hour sessions. If you are  brand new at business, hourly sessions are an easier way to bring in cash flow but you also want to plan for the next steps. 

You are so skilled at what you are offering to the world!  You want to help people in all the ways you know how; which are many!

Whether you are a healer, a coach, or an educator, your work has been your  gift and this is who you are!

However, you also live in the world and can develop a business that has a constant financial flow.  Right?

There is actually an art to putting together an offer that speaks directly to your client’s heart and offers enough clear benefits, outcomes, and assurances that make it easy for someone to say YES.

My story: Before I learned this process I spent a lot of time and energy putting out offers and no one would sign-up!!

I was frustrated and at times felt hopeless. I knew my stuff was good so what was the problem??  

Finally I learned the system and it is not difficult but there is an order to follow.

Almost immediately I noticed a change.

People downloaded my freebies on my webpage.
My teleclass sign-ups tripled.
My seminars began to fill up.

You might  be making the big mistake by trying to “sell” to people way too soon.

I’m sure you know what that feels like being on the receiving end.  Yucky! 

Making any kind of offer includes these pieces first:

  Knowing exactly who you are speaking to.
•  Engaging them in conversation.
•  Building empathy.
•  Solving their problem.
•  Meeting them where they are.
•  Offering really good solutions and/or ideas.

Until you have done all six of these things above you aren’t ready to make an offer.

People are still waiting and listening. They want to feel the connection. 

Here is an easy activity for you to do. Go to your home page and see if all six of these points are there in some form.

Which ones are missing?  
Which ones are you not sure about?

I’d love to hear. Just comment below or shoot me an email.

I’ll be offering a class  in November on “How to Craft a Sizzling Offer That Your Clients Want.”

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Sep 03 2014

Stepping Into Business Authentic-ness

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14-3Do you ever feel like you have to be someone you’re not in order to run your business?

I am more and more realizing that  when I step into being myself authentically, and work from that place, everything is easier, flows, and just feels more aligned.


Last weekend I attended an amazing and powerful women’s ceremonial event that touched me deep at my core.  

Being there I wasn’t a business owner. I was just me being a wild elderish earth woman!

I returned home and realized how full I felt. It was like being 100% in my own skin. 

Of course there is a way to let this bleed over into my business more, and what I realize is that  this allows me to work in a way that is so much more spacious and grounded!

What I know, is that there are clear “Women’s Ways”  of doing business!  I’ve shared about this before but I get it on an even deeper place now. 

It’s about balance, wholeness, soulfulness, mindfulness, and your own inner wisdom. 

Join me next Tuesday when I will share more about this and how it can also help you in how you operate in your business!  Face it- we need each other!

Three Marketing Tips I Wish My Mother Had Told Me

Does this make sense to you?  
How can you be even more yourself?  
Can you see how this would help your business to thrive?

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Aug 27 2014

Marketing Tips I Wish “My Mother” Had Told Me About!

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Maybe no one told you that starting a business meant doing a lot of stuff you don’t want or like to do!

I had a romantic idea of spending the day on the phone talking to clients.  

I had absolutely no idea that over half of my time would be spent on marketing!

I’ve always liked and have been good at marketing and yet, it has become so complicated and strategic.

Possibly you’ve listened to certain marketing experts, read books, and thought, “ok, now I know what I need to do! I get it!”

Then comes the long grueling story of pulling together your web presence, logo, tag line, content, figuring social media, and then, by the time you are done and celebrating, the bar has been moved and your website is now out of date!

You feel so despondent and still behind everyone else, no matter how much you do!.

Things move so fast in this online world that you can easily feel overwhelmed.

However, here are three very important things to focus on that have less to do with what you do externally and more to do with who you are inside.

Hopefully you feel a big, whew! as I share this. What a relief.

These are things you have total control over because they have to do with you and who you are, rather than running around and doing things! They don’t require you to hire a web designer, graphic artist, copy writer, or anything like this.

All you have to do is even one of these things below to make a significant difference:

1. Go out in nature; by the ocean, in the mountains, or forest and soak it in. Know that you are a part of this beautiful picture and have your place, something special no one else has. Turn inward and ask what it is about you this is distinct!

2. Begin every single morning with a walk; just in your neighborhood. Moving your body wakes up your brain and when your brain wakes up, it wakes up your creative self. When your creative self awakens, your own authentic self emerges. It’s that part of you that is hidden, even from your own view!

3. Find your tribe. We are now in the age of community and attempting to operate in isolation is no longer going to work. Find other people you trust, will see past your blind spots and give you the support and collaboration you need to thrive. It’s like the sun breaking through the clouds when this happens.

The main point is to begin in our own core; who you are, what your mission is, how you want to help people.

Of course all the practical marketing steps are important, as well money planning, organizational systems, and more.

Those things are all essential to building a business that will be prosperous and support you for many, many years.  However, these  skills and tools and all be learned.  But your core motivation and gift needs to come from inside of you!

Find out more about how these two areas weave together; the inner and outer in my free training class coming up!

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Aug 18 2014

Be a Little Bit Crazy and Bring Out Your Wildness!

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[This post is part of the 30-Day Bloom Your Online Relationships Challenge. If you'd like to play along, you can sign up here (don't worry -- it's FREE). We're all working through these small, powerful actions together and sharing our questions, learnings and experiences in a Facebook group. And we'd love to have you join us!]

I know you want to bloom your relationships online and stand out and be noticed!

It can be a little frustrating to feel like you just blend in with everyone else and are not seen!

My challenge to you is to let your hair down, dig into your deepest, darkest places, and find that wild side of yourself.

Maybe it’s the part of you that you don’t show because you think it wouldn’t be professional to expose that part of yourself.

At one time about 50 years ago this was true!  Everything has changed now. This is the era of relationships and interaction online.

It could be the one thing you have been hiding is the one hot thing that will attract people to you in droves!

This also has to be about YOU, not about your business name. People want real people, not a relationship with your company.

Example; on Facebook when I do these kinds of posts on my profile page ( not your biz page) I will get 70 or 80 likes and comments! 

Experiment and see what happens.  Here is my one challenge for you today!

Whatever you do- Get known for something distinctive. 

0115-mary-kayHow many of you think of pink Cadillacs when you think of Mary Kay? 

Some people think she was a little bit crazy, but she built an empire!

For me it’s my silver hair and the cronish, elder wisdom that goes with it!

For you its_______________________. 

How are you going to fill in the blank?


NOTE from Tea of Story Bistro: Once you’ve found that wild part of yourself that stands out, come visit us on Facebook and share. Was it easy for you to do? Hard? No right or wrong answers here — we’re all just experimenting!

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