Apr 17 2014

A Gathering of Wise Women Entrepreneurs

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forest and birds flyingWomen, I would love your help.

What if you had the opportunity to attend a gathering of women who were just like you.

Entrepreneurs, healers,  practitioners, educators, coaches, therapists and artists. 

What do you have in common?

You all want to do great work in the world, make a bigger impact, and affect change.

You want to do all  this while also providing for yourself financially.

It’s hugely important to accomplish all  this without sacrificing your health, energy, family, or sanity. 

Of course you want to have fun, be spacious, be soulful, creative, and live peacefully.

You’re  aware that you can only do this in partnership with others, interweaving ideas, collaborating, co-creating.

I see you as one of many strong trees in the forest of abundance and positive change.  Just as the tree’s branches connect with each in the breezes,  so do your hearts,  hands and ideas overlap. 

You  stand firmly rooted in your own piece of Mother Earth and she supports you with her love! You are not alone!

Your tree is a part of circle and gathering of grounded, mindful, and strong women entrepreneurs who are standing tall in their greatness. 

I am planning a gathering of women just  like you, with creativity and collaboration as the focus as you more fully step into leading your business forward. 

You would become more of an empowered leader and get more clarity about your next steps. 

Is this something you would like to be a part of?

I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts. 

Can you see the benefits to your soul and the soul of your business?

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Apr 09 2014

Finding The Best Business Coach

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1385083_10151621357451637_20006860_nI hear so many sad stories from people who have spent thousands of dollars to get business help that turned out to be a disappointment.


I also had this same experience.  When I first moved to Portland from New Zealand, I was desperate to get money coming in! I spent money I really didn’t have, and hired a business coach, who I assumed was top notch based on her marketing messages. 

 She totally didn’t get me. For one thing she urged me to do corporate exectutive coaching. Why? She said solo-entrepreneurs wouldn’t be able to pay me and I would starve.

I have never worked in corporate America even one day. This was so not my tribe but I did what she said (my God I was paying her alot) and it never felt right. I kept trying to be someone I wasn’t. Ugh.

Finally I fired her and wished her well. What I did learn was how to be a better practitioner myself, and really listen to you!  Not only do I never suggest that you do things that are not aligned, I feel that your biggest gift is embedded in who you are and who you are meant to serve. So my bad experience had a silver lining. 

Fast forward 10 years, I found the best mentor I’ve ever worked with. Not only is Andrea Lee a 7-figure business owner, with so much knowledge and skill,  but she is so heart centered and supportive. She gets who I am! 

It is a real gift and working with her has helped me to be even more present with you and sharper with how I can help you. 

So it is with so much excitement to announce that she is coming to Portland for a one day workshop on May 22nd.  It will be  an intimate group, amazing and so inspirational.  (plus low cost:)

You will leave with clear steps for your business growth. I know you will benefit greatly and I would love to see your happy smile in the room. 

If you are in the Portland area this is a must an an opportunity not to be missed.

If you don’t live here- come for a visit. Portland is beautiful at the end of May and you can write off the travel!

Click the link below to read more about it and to register. Then ask me questions here. I am so happy to answer!


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Apr 02 2014

What’s Stopping You?

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FeaturePics-Watercolor-Grunge-Style-171246-471561 (1)Seems like so many people I’ve talked to this week are feeling stuck in one way or another.  

One thing they all have is a passion for helping people with their service. 

Knowing how to help people is second nature. 

If someone showed up and they asked you for your kind of help, you would be able to offer it?  No problem. 

Issues emerge when it comes to:

•  Finding more people who need your help
•  Seeing yourself as something special
•  Needing to ask for payment for your service

In  other words, you get stuck when you start to turn this into more of  a business!

•  You might  say,  sh–t, I don’t know how
•  I need to get past my “stuff” first
•  I don’t have the money to invest in myself
•  It’s just too hard

There are a million reasons but when it comes down to it, you can’t wait until you have that all figured out. 

You’ve probably heard that quote that says you need to vision something before it gets manifest. 

You also need to begin acting as if you were wildly successful and make decisions from that place.

Why? Because the decisions you make from the stuck place that you are presently in will keep you feeling  a sense of scarcity and smallness. 

Decisions come from your beliefs and then you just go around in circles. 

Those disabled decisions won’t help you to:

Create a demand for your service
Develop more income streams
Expect and ask people to pay you 

If you are meant to be big and do big things, what are you waiting for?

One thing you can do right now is to join my  ”How to Create  Wild Demand For Your Service” Workshop that begins in less than two weeks.

What are you waiting for?

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Mar 26 2014

Two Great Marketing Questions

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forest pathLast weekend we walked down this very path and it ended at the ocean in all her glory!

It reminded me that walking the trail of your business is a bit like this.  

Lots of gnarly roots to navigate but it’s beautiful and real and when you get there it is even more spectacular!

I love when people ask me questions. For one thing I find out where your energy is and what kind of help you need.

This is gold for me because the more I know you, the better I can help you to step into a more empowered place in your business. 

I guess I haven’t totally left my old counseling days behind. I still love helping people!

And of course you are all amazing people with such strong and special ways to help people in your own way.  However you want to earn money too!  Right?

Yesterday on my Free “Create Demand Q and A call” there were some amazing questions.  Here are two that are opposite but go together. 

Question:  “How can I tell people about my healing service without being pushy?  I often run into people and I want to let them know what I do and how they can work with me”.

This is a great question and one many people struggle with. The answer is the opposite of what you would think. It generally doesn’t work to tell people unless they directly ask.

Even when they do ask, they might only want a very concise version because they’re  being like most people and just casually asking, “what do you do?” It’s a way of connecting these days. 

There is sort of a silky fine thread between your response being plenty and too much. Too much is when it feels like selling when you haven’t really connected yet. 

I encourage you to trust your gut feeling on this. Feel the energy. I know you can do this. 

Just make a good connection with whoever it is and TRUST that if they  want more from you they will ask. I call this self-selecting. If they don’t ask, let it go. If they ask for your card, give it; otherwise don’t. If they didn’t ask for it, they will just throw it in a corner.

No one wants their card thrown away when it wasn’t asked for. However, you can ask for their card and you can write them a very short email, saying “nice to meet you.” That’s it, still nothing about what you do.  You should have your web url in your email signature so if this person is curious, she will check it out. Hopefully, when she gets there, she will feel attracted and engaged!


Question two was the opposite.
 “Because I work with kids, people often ask me what I do and I feel shy about answering because I don’t want to seem pushy. Maybe it’s because I am an introvert?” 

I love this question too. This is not an introvert/extrovert issue. This is a common problem though, of feeling worried about seeming to self-promoting when you really aren’t.

Usually the cause is self-doubt and lack of confidence combined with not understanding your own basic marketing message. Ironically, once you create a stronger marketing message based on promoting your clients, rather than yourself, it becomes much easier to share.

This isn’t about you. It’s all about providing very needed help to your clients. In this case, people have self-selected and are asking for more, and you just need to understand what to say and how to say it.

An easy response would be to explain the kind of help you offer and then just ask them to share more about their needs. Then it becomes about them and how you can support them. 

Both of these questions will be covered much more in, How to Create a Wild demand for My Service that begins April 15th.

This is the very last day of  $50 discount!  Just use the word “demand” in the coupon and you will get $50 off immediately!

As a special bonus you will get almost three months of help with your questions on the Facebook Forum which is part of the program. 

The program itself is only three weeks but I have added this  extra two months because I know more questions will come up as you start implementing all the juicy stuff I will be teaching. I will be there to answer your questions the whole time!

What questions do you have about how to get more leads, create more of a business buzz, be attractive, how to engage, and be more visible?  Just put them in the comments  below and I will answer!

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Mar 18 2014

Great Answers On How To Get More People…

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Abstract colored backgroundWhat’s your struggle in getting more leads or more clients?

I asked this question last week and I got some great answers!



Most people said they wanted to know:

How to find all those people who needed their help
How to be more visible to the people they want to attract
How to put messages out that engage
How to connect with more referral partners
What they are doing wrong? 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to:

•  Build loyal connections with real people who love you?
•  Show people proof that you can deliver what you promise?
•  Create messages that draws people to want more?
•  Become more visible in your expertise and speciality?
•  Use simple ways to bring people into your tribe and keep them there?

When I moved to New Zealand it was 1993 there was no internet (can you imagine?) and I knew only one person there. In six months I had a full counseling practice (which was my business then).  I think I was born with a marketing gene so I seemed to do all these things without knowing what I was doing. It was sort of intuitive.   

Now I have figured out the exact steps and this is what I will be sharing with you on Thursday in my free Training Call

3 Ways to Attract Leads Like Bees To Pollen And Keep Them Humming Around You!

Don’t miss it!

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