Jan 22 2015

Joan Sotkin: Holistic Money Coach 015

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Sotkin-1500You will love this interview with Joan Sotkin, holistic business and money coach.

Joan’s enthusiasm and passion overflows in this captivating interview.

She shares her own story of how she began her lifelong relationship as an entrepreneur. For health reasons she was unable to have a real job so she learned about doing a mail order business.

Although this wasn’t a real business it gave her some of the foundation pieces to begin her first real business selling crystals in 1977.

She was in her 40s by then and had stepped fully into a meditation practice. She shares how she had a kundalini experience and followed what she heard in her meditation, about buying and selling stones. This was way before the New Age era began.

Her business became highly successful as she she used her inner ingenuity to put adds in magazines, create her own labels and packaging and creating products called “Joan’s Stones.”

She made a lot of money,  but she knew nothing about money management or dealing with cash flow. As a result she lost her business and all her money as well. She took it personally and had to delve deep into herself to heal. 

When her father died she realized how much grief and her unresolved childhood issues impacted her ability to deal with money. She says, “If you can’t get past the financial fears, you can’t find peace and hear your own inner voice.”

Joan Sotkin’s passion is working with forward-thinking individuals who are willing to implement new ways of being with themselves and their commercial ventures.

In the early 1980s, while attending 12-step programs including Debtors Anonymous and Codependents Anonymous, she began to understand the connection between emotions and the life stories we create for ourselves, including our finances.

Years of working to release her own repressed emotions helped deepen her understanding of how we act out family-of-origin issues through our businesses and finances.

Her business Prosperity Place is for those who want to experience “more” of life while creating satisfying and prosperous lives for themselves.

She runs a Prosperity Podcast and works with clients all over the world from her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Her wisdom sharing:  “People need to  learn to be peaceful.  The conflicts and violence in the world is all a reflection of our own fears.  The two polarities are fear or inner peace. Which side do you want to be on?”

Joan helps people to
• Fix their Finances
• Know themselves and
• Find Peace of Mind

Learn more at
Facebook:  http://facebook.com/sotkin
Twitter: http://twitter.com/joansotkin

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Jan 08 2015

Susan Jenkins: Shamanic Medicine Healer 014

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SusanPortrait(3)Susan Jenkins shares her magic and spiritual truth in this wonderful interview with me.

Through sharing her story of the long and winding road to creating a successful business, you will also hear about how she used her own shamanic experiences and her life visioning to bring her business into life.

Susan shares how she left her marriage after 40 years, and for the first time was financially independent living in a very small town in rural Maine.  

At one time she was working five different jobs, including her own healing practice, and then realized she needed help. Now at age 62, she is living on just her business and has the pleasure of helping people all over the world to find and live their own truth. 

Susan Jenkins is a Shamanic Healer, Medicine Dreamer & Spiritual Guide who is passionate about helping clients heal, shift and empower themselves through shamanic earth-centered practices, which encourage trust, honest introspection and a deep commitment to clearing away what no longer serves them so they can step in to their power, speak their truth, and embody their soul vision and purpose!

Susan realized her unique “gift of sight” 32 years ago when she faced a serious health crisis, (a shamanic initiation), that opened her to spirit realms where she connected to spirit animals and spirit guides who shared their wisdom, medicine and guidance.

Regarding her legacy, Susan shares, “I’m in my wise woman years now for sure. I am so grateful to know that if I died today I would leave a legacy of light, just in the hundreds of people I have worked with over 31 years! I want to be remembered as a woman who loves and feels gratitude for life on a very deep level, “stands in her integrity, and “walks her talk”.

As a heart-centered, light worker, she works with light beings, guides, the earth, and high frequency energies to balance, uplift and heal.  

The wisdom she offers to the listeners:
“I’d say one of the most important things is to stay kind with yourself! Let go of perfectionism! All we have is this present moment, that’s reality, and trusting that everything that’s brought us to this place, this moment, the present, was perfect! This is about total acceptance of where you are right now! Trust in yourself, in the wisdom of your divine essence, and spirit to guide you.

And finally that every situation is an opportunity for growth! As Inner Warriors, we no longer view ourselves as victims to anything. We are alchemists and can transform anything if we believe it to be so! Accept and befriend your resistance, take risks, step out of your comfort zone, trust and know that freedom and truth are just on the other side. That is the Inner Warrior’s territory!”

Currently, she guides and supports clients through year long private programs, Diamond “Dreaming &Embodying Your Vision” and Emerald “Pathway to Power”, where they receive weekly support and guidance in all areas of their lives. You can connect with Susan  www.shamanichealingwork.com   or susanjenkinsurban@gmail.com , nurturingyourinnerwarrior.com     

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Jan 06 2015

How to Attract Tons of New Leads

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My whole background has been to follow my intuition and in the past it worked.  I never did things I was “supposed to do.”

I guess the wild woman part of me never wanted to be fenced in.

So I just followed my gut feelings and it worked…for awhile.

Marketing tends to go in trends.

A few years ago everyone in the business coaching world realized they need to have a signature system and overnight people put one together and then said things like,  “Find out how to get more clients by following my 7-step system,” or my 10 step process of success.”

I got sucked in and I thought I was missing something important so I created  my Awakening Your Money Stream System and it is really good ( if I say so myself) and I keep refining it because it helps people understand the path to growing a prosperous business.

kaya at mic MOxie

However,  the real marketing trend right now is not at all about signature systems.

It’s about pure, unhidden visibility and authentic connection. 

I love it because it takes me right back to what I intuitively did well, by accident. 


People want to see you in your transparent self.

They want to touch  you, be your friend, hear your stories. 


I love this kind of connecting and real conversations.

This is so much more important than your system.

This might terrify you if you don’t want to be so exposed and don’t have a clue how to do this on a big scale without being overwhelmed.

At the same time, you are likely someone who wants to attract tons of leads. Right?

You want to create a big demand for what you’re offering.

This is why you are doing it; to make a difference.

This isn’t going to happen without learning about how to connect, communicate, speak, get attention, and create a buzz.

I’m  offering a FREE class on this very topic.  How to Stand Out and Attract Tons of New Leads Who Love You.

I only offer this once per year and this is it. It’s my most popular training. I suppose it’s because I love this topic. 

It truly makes me feel good to help you step into that place where you are seen for who you really are and people want to be around you and work with you.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming!  In fact there is a system to make it easy.  Funny- those systems creeping in again.

What if you knew exactly how to:

•  Build long-term, loyal connections with real people who self-select to engage with you

•  Show people proof that you can deliver what you promise

•  Communicate in a way that draws people to want more

•  Become more visible in your expertise and speciality

•  Use simple ways to bring people into your tribe and keep them there.

This is so much more important than hiding behind your system, even if it is a really good one!  Luckily it is all about being yourself!


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Jan 01 2015

Kaya Singer: Magical Doorways 013

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There are certain moments that call out to me to stop what is usual, and step out of my routine and listen. The New Year is one of these auspicious moments.

Last summer I remember camping by the McKenzie River here in Oregon. The water is so powerful and moves so fast. We sat on rocks at the edge and felt the power of the water as we  watched people navigate their rafts through the rapids.

If you were going to step into a raft it would make sense to be in harmony with the energies of the river and to flow downstream along with the direction that the water is moving.

You still would need to steer your raft and be mindful, but it is way less effort this way than if you decided to go the other direction. It would not only be hard work, but it would be such a huge effort for making such little progress.

It’s exhausting to contemplate. I have actually attempted to run my business exactly this way, without realizing I was trying to go the wrong way. It isn’t really wrong as such, as it’s a choice, but why would anyone who is conscious and aware make that choice?

A choice like this only gets made from being unconscious. Lack of awareness and insight can be very confusing and I have watched myself keep on working hard, thinking I had to do it and just not getting anywhere for all the work.

I only felt warn out and discouraged.

Have you ever witnessed yourself doing this?  New Years is one of those opportunities that support you to wake up and go with the flow of the river just by shifting a few perspectives.

If you’ve been trying to go upstream against the current instead of downstream with the flow, it can be as simple as turning around and looking the other way.

For me, it’s not so much the other way, it’s about a different way, or a deeper level of inner sight. From that insight, I will automatically make different decisions and create new habits to make the process so much easier, because I am going with the flow and the natural way the energy is moving.

I love New Years because I feel it’s that opportunity to go through the doorway into a different universe. It reminds me of the Chronicles of Narnia. All it takes is to walk through the wardrobe and open your eyes. I love that book because of the magic and it reminds me that magic is available to all of us.

So on New Years Day or whenever you are listening, find some way to step into that magical space between two worlds. It’s an opportunity that is there for the taking.

For me, it’s about being at a beautiful place in nature that helps me feel connected to nature spirits and the real world. Tuning inward, I like to acknowledge my intentions for the next year. Intentions are powerful, not because saying them automatically makes them happen, but because by saying them and writing them out, you have made that shift, turned to a new direction, and there is a chain reaction that happens within yourself that you begin to see, feel, and sense the possibilities of what you want to manifest.

From that place you are much more likely to make decisions to support this desire and those decisions keep you going with the flow of the river and not against it.

One of my intentions for this New Year is to have my new book, Older and Wiser, written, edited, and published. Yes, it’s very exciting. My first draft is half done and doing these podcasts if helping to call it in.

I am not only publicly letting all of you know this intention, but I have written it out and put it on my altar in my office. So, thank you for being here to support this journey and unfolding. I feel like I step into my version of Narnia with these Podcasts and you are all in this world with me. I remember some years ago when I wouldn’t tell anyone about my intention for something like this, because I was afraid I wouldn’t succeed and then everyone would know I failed. “Don’t tell anyone and then no one will know”. I realize now that choosing to operate this way is doing exactly the opposite of what I wanted.

By sharing this with all of you now, I have hundreds of witnesses and all your energy is supporting me to stay in the flow. As a result, I am planning on scheduling writing retreats and other things to support success, not failure.

What is one important intention you have and how can you share it with your community in a way that brings you a huge amount of support?

I also love picking Zen Osho Tarot cards. I’ve been doing this for years,; picking one card on New Years as a message for me for the coming year and I trust it will give me some pointed wisdom to support my intention. It’s usually a message about how I need to grow inwardly in order to more easily flow with the energy of life. It’s one thing to have an intention and to tell people, and state it clearly, and it’s yet another thing to make the shifts you need to make inside of yourself that will support this happening.

It’s powerful for me to share my book completion intention with you all, however if I don’t listen and change, I will just keep working hard going upstream, and not make the time for the writing retreats. I will think I don’t have time, it costs too much, etc. I’m sure you get it and you can relate to your version of this story.

Today as a special offering I have picked an Osho card for you and everyone of you who is stating your intention. I thought about you all, your intentions and then asked Osho for some wisdom that would help all of us. I trust this will make sense to each of you based on who you are and what you need.

You can read it below also look at the card. I picked this card after I wrote what I just shared. So you will see how Osho’s magic really works though these cards.

Queen of Clouds: Moralityqueen-morality

Morality has restricted all the juice and energy of life to the narrow confines of her mind. It can’t flow there, so she really has become ‘a dried up old prune’. Her whole manner is very proper and stiff and severe, and she is always ready to see every situation as black and white, like the jewel she wears around her neck.

The Queen of Clouds lurks in the minds of all of us who have been brought up with rigid ideas of good and bad, sinful and virtuous, acceptable and unacceptable, moral and immoral. It’s important to remember that all these judgments of the mind are just products of our conditioning. And whether our judgments are applied to ourselves or to others, they keep us from experiencing the beauty and godliness that lies within. Only when we break through the cage of our conditioning and reach the truth of our own hearts can we begin to see life as it really is.

Bodhidharma … far transcends moralists, puritans, so-called good people, do-gooders. He has touched the very rock bottom of the problem. Unless awareness arises in you, all your morality is bogus, all your culture is simply a thin layer which can be destroyed by anybody.

But once your morality has come out of your awareness, not out of a certain discipline, then it is a totally different matter. Then you will respond in every situation out of your awareness. And whatever you do will be good.

Awareness cannot do anything that is bad. That is the ultimate beauty of awareness, that anything that comes out of it is simply beautiful, is simply right, and without any effort and without any practice. So rather than cutting the leaves and the branches, cut the root. And to cut the root there is no other method than a single method: the method of being alert, of being aware, of being conscious.

So just breath those words in and ask yourself what is the message in this for you.  Write down a few words and light a candle for the new Year.  Place your words under the candle and let these energies flow with so much less effort into the new year. You still need to steer your raft, but now you know how to do it.  

I invite you to go to the comments section below and write out your intention. We will all be your witness.  I would love to support you in making it happen.  

This is Kaya wishing you a wonderful new year. 

I am the host of this Podcast; Business the Wise Woman Way

Contact me if I can help you to more fully step into your entrepreneurial wisdom and create a more sustainable business to support you in your wise woman years. 

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Dec 18 2014

Arms to the Sky

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Tui beach Wayne and KayaAt the end of each year I find myself looking back at where I was a year ago.

It’s sort of like entering a time warp and once I begin to go back I end up going – way back and remembering ten  or twenty years ago and its weird because in some ways I don’t feel twenty years older and in other ways, I’m not the same person at all! 

Twenty years ago I was still this pre-menopause hot chick,  living in New Zealand and barely thinking about how to make money.  I was happy with my part-time “practice,” and had no interest in owning a business with all the headaches that come with it.  I wanted to just go on being a free spirit.

But I realized I was like a tree growing and stretching my arms out to the sky.  The branches wanted to grow bigger, be seen and make a bigger impact.  The roots wanted to dig deeper so I would stand out in the forest.

The business has been a growth process for sure, but the real thing that keeps me going is the sap in my tree wanting to be taller, to take my message to those people I am meant to touch.

So, I am Older and also Wiser as you are too, regardless of your age. We all keep learning and growing.

So, it’s good to remember the highlights of your year and realize how far you have come in a few short months.

Here is an easy, fun, and creative activity.  Beginning from January  2014 make a list of every accomplishment. That can include clients you’ve helped, articles you’ve written, something you  published, speaking, launching something new, taking charge of something you were afraid of doing, moving to a new office, giving birth to a new program.

Once you have that list, put it on your altar and place a candle on top of it, giving appreciation for the new branches in your tree and the new wisdom that has come with it.

Leave that paper there until New Years and then when you write your New Years intentions you can replace it.

Listen to my Podcast on New Years Day to find out about how to create  intentions for your business.


One of own accomplishments in 2014 was publishing my Podcast: Business the Wise Woman Way

I’m sure the branch that grew as a result of that, is huge. I Overcame so many fears and challenges in the process. However, now that it’s launched it’s so easy and fun.  If you haven’t had the chance to listen- I encourage you to. I have interviewed some amazing people; Flora Bowely, painter and owner of Brave Intuitive You,  Jennifer Lee of RIght Brain Business Plan,  Luna Jaffe of Wild Money, just to name a few.  Today you will hear Isha Lerner, astrologer and Power of Flowers.

Another huge success I had was launching The Awake Business Virtual TeaHouse, my online women entrepreneur community, mastermind, and coaching group.  It has far exceeded my orginal expectations. 

This morning two Teahouse women wrote about how they were in love with the TeaHouse for the connections they have made with other women and the strides they have made in their business as a result. I cried when I read this. Literally.  This is why I love what I do. 

It is such a blessing. I just want to make a difference and empower women to go for it!

So, in these days moving toward Solstice write our your list. I know you will be amazed at what you have actually done this year. You might spend too much time focusing on the issues and not enough on the amazing results.  

It is so important to look at the light and help it to grow even brighter!

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