Aug 18 2014

Be a Little Bit Crazy and Bring Out Your Wildness!

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I know you want to bloom your relationships online and stand out and be noticed!

It can be a little frustrating to feel like you just blend in with everyone else and are not seen!

My challenge to you is to let your hair down, dig into your deepest, darkest places, and find that wild side of yourself.

Maybe it’s the part of you that you don’t show because you think it wouldn’t be professional to expose that part of yourself.

At one time about 50 years ago this was true!  Everything has changed now. This is the era of relationships and interaction online.

It could be the one thing you have been hiding is the one hot thing that will attract people to you in droves!

This also has to be about YOU, not about your business name. People want real people, not a relationship with your company.

Example; on Facebook when I do these kinds of posts on my profile page ( not your biz page) I will get 70 or 80 likes and comments! 

Experiment and see what happens.  Here is my one challenge for you today!

Whatever you do- try to get known for something distinctive. 

0115-mary-kayHow many of you think of pink Cadillacs when you think of Mary Kay? 

Some people think she was a little bit crazy, but she built an empire!

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Aug 13 2014

Woman’s Way of Doing Business?

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gendersThere’s a lot of discussion these days about the Woman’s Way of doing business.

I love this and it has given me such a feeling of relief to know I can now totally let go of my old story. 

The short version is that I thought being a business person meant wearing a suit, carrying a briefcase, looking and acting smart, and hiding everything that didn’t fit into that picture. 

For me that was just about everything!!  Trying to fit into that kind of a box was not only suffocating, it was in no way a road to success of any kind!  

I was literally like a round peg trying to squeeze into a square hole. 

Once I got out of that box I realized I wasn’t alone and I wasn’t the only one who had no model of women doing business a woman’s way!    

Maybe it’s a reflection of there suddenly being soo many women who are hanging up their shingle and wanting to do their thing, but this is now a hot topic.

I’ve been leading Wild Women business groups for the last fews years and over and over women show up and are relieved to find out they aren’t alone!  

I’m talking about those people who are starting a business where there is seemingly not one business model to follow. Coaches, practitioners, writers, artists, educators, designers all fit into this category.

The decision begins with an awareness of being passionate and skilled at something and then thinking that you can just get a bunch of paying clients and do your thing and make a lot of money.   Then comes feeling like a failure when this doesn’t happen right away. (or ever)

Getting clients tends to be the main motivation and focus, however, women often shy away from doing  some of the things that will help them to be successful in this regard, so I decided to offer some insights I have discovered.

If you are a woman entrepreneur you tend to:

  Be more wholistically oriented and need to connect with all part of yourselves in any decision that gets made. It is counter to your nature to operate out of this circle and context. There is not one right way to find clients. There needs to be “your way,” while still understanding the basic marketing principles. It is how you show up and where you shine!  It just doesn’t work to try to be someone you are not, and you might be like me, and have hidden the juiciest parts of who you are because you didn’t see that this is what would attract people to you. 

  Need to stay in balance with other parts of your life. Internal balance with self is utmost. This can mean feeling good,  self-care, and  tuning into needs of family when looking at any business decision. Most women don’t ever put their work first and above everything else. I think this is a good thing! Women see being a provider as way more than just paying the bills. Even the symbols above reflect this. The Venus sign on the left is a circle standing in balance.  The Mars symbol on the right, which is more masculine, shows the arrow pointing outward- mental action! This can mean putting on blinders. Women just have a harder time doing it that way. 

  Be in touch with your emotions and intuition as a rule. This has been considered “bad or weak”  in  the traditional business world, but it fact this is an asset to your business if you can learn to recognize  what’s going on and use these feelings to help you  connect with people, be transparent and build relationships.  Sometimes it can feel like your emotions are debilitating, especially when you lose confidence or get stuck in self doubt. I’ve been there over and over,  but staying with those emotions can also be a path to transformation!  

  Be relationship oriented, have a team focus and tend want to give and receive support. We are now in the age of relationship and interaction so its women’s time to shine!! These skills are so needed now. This includes compassionate listening, offering help, building connections; all those things that are so important in running a business. Often women shy away from writing a blog because they think they have to sound smart and not sure what to write about. As soon as I tell them to just share their story, they light up and get it. Aha!  

Understanding the Women’s Way of business has too many benefits to name here but these are a few.

By the way- you can be a man who also resonates with this message!  No black and white way!

You are more likely to be successful  when you are operating in harmony with your inner self. 

So accept who you are, your gifts, and your ways of being in the world. 

I would actually love your story and your comments as I am in the throes of writing a book on this topic and your sharings would be greatly helpful!  

How do you relate to any of the points I made?
How have you been trying to be someone you are not?
What is one shift you can make?

 oh- and find out more about “The Wise Woman Path to More Clients”   Free class!!  

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Aug 06 2014

Wise Woman Path to More Clients

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MoreClientsSwishYou want more clients!  Right?

Without more clients, you aren’t able to do your good work

and you also feel like you really don’t have a successful business!

I know your story because it was mine too.

I thought if I just attracted more clients all my problems would end.

I thought I would feel good and be rolling in dough!  That was only partly true!

I wanted more money and I wanted a real business with a plan to increase my cash flow. 

Instead, I found myself on a cycle of being freaked out when one client ended and then wondered when the next one would come. 

At that time I didn’t believe in myself or have the confidence to take risks. I felt like a fraud!

I kept those fears hidden and made safe decisions which just kept me safe from a bigger business! ugh. 

This is not to imply that your emotions are wrong, but they are often…emotional and not so grounded!

So, fast forward about 15 years- I get it now!

It’s ok to feel things, but it’s also essential to see a bigger picture and to make decisions and take risks from that clear place. 

There are some easy things you can do to shift and ultimately get more clients too! Consider these Wise Woman Questions!

1. How visible are you?  What can you do to be seen more for who  you really are- your crazy wild side as well?

2. What do you feel the most confident about?  How can you grow your business from that place and then begin to let that confidence seep into the other areas?

3.  There are only three ways to make more money:  More people to help,  Higher prices,  More income streams.
Which one do you need to focus on and why?

I’ll be sharing more on these questions in a free training class coming up. Let your hair down. Throw out your make-up as this is all online!  

“The Wise Woman Path to More Clients”

 Let me know what you need help with and where you are stuck. I want to help!

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Jul 15 2014

Are You a Wild Entrepreneur?

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MaskAre you a Wild Entrepreneur ?

Do you even know who or where she is anymore?

I used to know her in the days when I danced naked on the beach around the fire. 

I was ok with being totally me and then suddenly I thought I had to change and look and act like a business person!

I asked myself what that picture would look like. 

I had no idea but I assumed it meant not having messy hair and being more zipped up; more conventional. You know- the businessy look!

I brought in a new persona and cut my hair so it would look “professional!” 

I tried that for a few years ( too many) and somehow, through goddess intervention, my business did ok. 

But only ok. I knew deep down  I was not an ok kind of girl. I wanted to be great, stand out, and be prosperous.

I then realized that the weird part of me was an asset and people liked me when I showed that side. 

Do you also sometimes feel a little bit crazy wonder if that’s ok?

What if it’s more than ok and could actually help you to make more sales and money?  Maybe it coud help  you in your marketing. 

It could be that the one thing you keep hidden, that you never talk about, is so important to share.

In fact, what I know now to be true, is that those hidden parts that you have stored away in your deepest recesses might just be the one thing that will make your business sing.

All it takes is to have the confidence to stand tall in all your wild craziness and let it shine like a beacon of light that will attract all the perfect clients.

Confidence means you can not just be yourself, but truly be yourself; that person who takes risks, speaks out, and has a real voice!

Join me in a free  Confidence Challenge and  find out:

• Why confidence is so much more important than competence!
• Three simple, but powerful zany things you can do immediately!
• The secret  (weird and wild) formula that will over-ride your self-doubt!
• How this will directly affect your cash-flow. YES!
• Why it nothing to do with your past story!

Are you ready to take real action and move past self-doubt?


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Jul 02 2014

Confidence and “Good Enough!”

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FeaturePics-Silhouette-Woman-Cliff-083356-2184969Maybe you are like I’ve been and have wasted so much energy and time holding yourself back, feeling not good enough, not perfect enough, and not trusting yourself to take risks.

If this is you, you are like most women who are held back from a lack of confidence and self-doubt.

When I think back at all the hours I wasted worrying about whether I was good enough or comparing myself to others who I thought were better, I cringe!

What a waste of energy when I could have been so productive in my business and doing the good work I was meant to do in the world.

You might watch yourself being afraid to do something until you are 100% sure its right – whatever that is. The problem is, it never feels right enough and no matter how sure you are, there is always someone who will not like it.

The irony is that when you run a business, you have to take risks, experiment, be seen, speak out; all those things that challenge your confidence. Sometimes you have to be messy and “good enough!”

Unfortunately it is a part of our inculturation as females that we we  tend to internalize mistakes, thinking we aren’t smart enough or we are a disappointment to someone.  This can really slow you down because running a business involves “mistakes” every day!  

What I have been teaching entrepreneurs all these years is to be authentic, show up fully in whatever you are doing now, even if you don’t know it’s your real life purpose.

Eventually  everything you do will integrate and make you the amazing person you are.

Be comfortable with yourself, who you are and what you stand for and your strengths will help you attract more clients and be noticed by joint venture partners.

The important thing is to take action and step in fully or your business will stay small and never grow to its potential. 

So, I am going to run a “confidence challenge” to help women to take action and support each other in the process.

I want you all to shine in the world and make your businesses rock and bring in that cash flow you know you deserve!

One thing that does help women is to have a support group!  

I want to end this post with a secret for you! 

The older you get, the easier it is to get past all your self-doubts and other cr__p. Not sure why, but when I turned 60 it all started to melt away. I began to trust my intrinsic wisdom and inner knowing; my strength and power.

Maybe the change in hormones maybe I just didn’t care anymore if I messed up. All I know is most women in my age group experience this shift in their 60s. Maybe we are just warn out from holding ourselves back!

However, you don’t have to wait until then. Everything you do now will support that shift. 

Here are a few questions for you to consider:

1. In what ways do you keep yourself and your business small?

2. If you had super-woman level of confidence what would you do differently right now?

3. If you could substitute your self-doubt for one other thing, what would that be?

4. Can you imagine the freedom that would come from  having less self-doubt and more self-assurance?

I would to hear your responses and join me on July 15th for a free training on:

 Confidence Challenge: For Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready to Be Good Enough and Take Action

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