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Jun 05 2014

Into the Fire!

kaya300I’m sure you’ve discovered that everything you do in your business helps you to expand into the next level, especially when stuff comes up! Right?

This also happened for me and I am learning to get out of my own way and to step more fully into how and what I am meant to be doing.

I am excited to finally stand in a place where only I can stand and run my business more authentically from that place.

In my case the process began nine years ago when I moved back to America from New Zealand and I began searching for the right mentor to help me with my business. I wanted an older woman entrepreneur who was ahead of me and could model how to do this. I felt someone younger wouldn’t get it.

What I realized is that this person didn’t exist. Very few women in the generation above me were business owners. In 1950-60 women were all homemakers, teachers, or nurses! Of course there were exceptions but it was my generation that changed everything. We broke the mold.

So I woke up recently and realized that I am actually that person who I was searching for. I am the elder now and I have been resisting this identity for the same reason most women dye their grey hair and use wrinkle cream. But we are also re-inventing what it means to be older or elder! Even the right words don’t exist!

So I am coming out- so to speak! I am so excited to invite you to my “maiden” voyage and what better time to do this than Summer Solstice. Just so you know, I will still be offering the same high value support to you solopreneurs, however, it is now becoming even more aligned with who I really am.

And of course, since my deep commitment is to help you, I want to support you to find that place even more fully, in yourself and in your own business.

So,if you are in Portland ( or want to visit) please join me on the evening of Wednesday June 18th.  I know you will love this event and will find it inspiring and powerful.

Read more and register here:


One secret I will share:  Although our bodies do change,  creative energy, intuition, and insight becomes way stronger. There was no one to tell me this would happen!

I would love to hear your stories!  How do you feel about running your business when you are 65, 75 or ?
Do you feel you are running out of time?


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May 26 2014

Success With a Legacy

PDX lab groupI just completed a wonderful workshop here in Portland, partnering with my own mentor, Andrea Lee.

Here is our Portland group- a wonderful tribe of women entrepreneurs doing great things!

What does success mean to you?” 

Here are a few answers I often hear from my private clients:

I just want some clients!
Enough money to pay my bills
Being able to work from home
Get to $100,000 a year

Not sure where you are in this list but I began from a similar place.

I needed just enough clients to be able to quit my job.
I wanted enough money so I could pay off my credit cards or go on a vacation.
Then I wanted to be able to hire a VA
Be able to fill online seminars
Publish a book

The list goes on but I have reached a point in my business where I have done everything I just mentioned.

I realize I want that elusive next level now. I could happily stay where I am and live a struggle-free life but I want more. 

I want to able to reach even more people and earn multiple 6-figures per year.

It isn’t about the money per se- it’s about a new picture of success that allows for an even higher quality of life and creating a legacy which means doing something that no one else can do!  

I want to have enough cash that I will  not worry about having the best health support and lifestyle when I am 80 or 90. I want organic food- not the stuff  they serve in mainstream assisted living places. 

I want to live surrounded by nature and be part of a community in my later years!

Now that I am 67, I realize I yearn to have more impact and also be a model for women the generation below me.

When I was in my 40’s and 50’s I searched for role models of successful elder women entrepreneurs and they weren’t there. 

I am part of the generation that is doing a lot of things for the first time.

We set the stage for the next group!

People now often do their most profound work  in their 70s, 80s and 90s. Why not?  All that life experience and wisdom is at it’s height and along with that I already  feel confidence I didn’t have ten years ago.

So, I am about to launch a new slant to my business- something that will help me to stand out in that bigger way and do something that only I can do. It is very exciting! And I want your help!

This includes writing a new book.  It get goosebumps thinking about it!

I will be including you in the process for two reasons. One- because you are my community and I will want your excitement and feedback. 

Two- if I’m ahead of you, you might be inspired to do something similar. If I can do it, so can you! I would like nothing more than showing you the steps!

So keep your eye out for a new book, a new awesome program, and more!

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May 14 2014

Helping Your Clients

Water drops falling from a leaf into a pond. Digital illustration.There’s nothing better than knowing you have helped someone and made a huge difference in their life!

I imagine you have had that experience as well in working with your clients. Someone is really stuck and just a little bit of your help and the penny drops!  They have that huge aha and things shift.

I had that happen this past week.  I taught my sales class,  “How to Sell From Your Heart to Theirs,” and so many people in the class admitted they were struggling with sales. They said things like:

I hate selling

I feel frozen when it comes to that moment

I’m afraid people will think I’m pushy

I find myself trying to convince people and it’s yucky

I’m uncomfortable even talking about money

the list goes on

I bet you have felt some of these things too. 

However today, one of my students sent me an email and said he put into practice what he learned in the class and was able to convert a lead to a paying client and it was so much easier than ever before. I just smiled. This is what I love about my job!

He just used one technique I taught in the class.

The previous time he had this same issue come up with a potential client, he let him walk away because he didn’t know what to do. 

You can imagine how good it felt to him when, instead of his client going away, he pulled out his credit card. 

I’ll be teaching this class again in September so watch this space.

But for now you can still get help with whatever your issue is!

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to get a little bit of help that will make a huge difference. 

Do any of these resonate with you?

•  You’re starting a new business and feel overwhelmed and don’t want to make costly mistakes.

•  You are wanting more clients and need to figure out the best marketing choices.

•  Your business is ticking along but want it to grow larger, help more people,  and confused about what to do first

• You’re building your website and having trouble getting the content and message crystal clear.

•  You sort of know what you need to do but get side-tracked and need accountability.

•  You prefer 1.1 help right now and someone who understands you.

•  You think you’re on track but would love to toss ideas around with someone who is further on the path and can give you support and more direction.


I have felt all those things at one time. It’s really hard to work in an office by yourself. It can feel like you just rumble around in our own head and, in fact,  one little bit of professional advice can make all the difference in your empowerment and your finances!

When you get spot-on help, not only does it feel good, but it actually allows you to help your clients more. 

This summer I’m offering a flexible and low-cost way to receive my help in whatever area you are stuck!

Check out Kaya’s Earth Mama e-Coaching Program
Private help for your exact problems! 

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Apr 30 2014

3 Things You Need to Be Successful at Selling

Illustration of two hands shaking. Handshake.If you’re having trouble getting people to move from receiving your free help to paying you real money, you are likely feeling frustrated, desperate and wonder what you are doing wrong.

The first thing is to breathe and realize there are actually a few things you have control over and you might just be fuzzy in these areas.  

You could be confused and working with more clients would give your more clarity, however, people are less apt to hire you if you’re not totally clear.

Part of running a business is constantly stepping in more fully and looking at yourself and what you still need to learn. 

Read these three things and ask yourself how strong you feel in each area of knowing.  

1. It’s important to know exactly who your niche is.

This is the clear narrow group of people who your services are designed for and targeted to. Your niche is not necessarily eveyone you “could” help, but it’s the exact people you are marketing to. These are your “ideal” clients. It is so important that you know who they are.

 2.  You have to know what their problem is they want solved or the issue they want help with.

What is their burning need?  These are the emotions that are driving them to seek help. This isn’t what you think they need. It’s what they say they want in their own words.  

3. How important is it to them to get the help they want? 

They might know their problem and know where they want to be, but do you know how important it is to them to get there?  They might not even know until  you ask them.

If you don’t know these three things, you will end up trying to convince people to hire you when they are not really invested.

Selling feels icky when you find yourself in that place of persuading someone when they are not fully invested.

It also isn’t helpful if you totally disappear because you don’t want to feel pushy. People want to feel your presence in a supportive role all the way though the process. 

Neither of those places are helpful in the selling process. 

Find out more about selling in my free training class  on May 1st.  “5 Secrets to Heart Centered Selling That Works”

If you miss it you can still sign-up and get the recording.  



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Apr 24 2014

Selling From Your heart

Conceptual Image of Hands Painted and Shaped Like a Global Planet EarthPicture this: You have had some juicy conversations with a potential client. 

She seems to really appreciate your help and is engaged. 

You can tell she needs more help and then she asks you how much you charge. 

You feel like you’re going to throw-up. You feel frozen as well as nauseous, and you’re reminded again how much you hate this part of the process. .

You’re afraid to say how much you charge, afraid that she will say no, so you feel pathetic and small.

You actually become a different person. When you were talking about her problem and giving support, you were so comfortable and confident.

As soon as money enters the picture you disappear and your confidence is replaced with anxiety.  

What’s this about and how can you stay confident and strong all the way through the sales process?

For one thing you are in your total comfort zone giving help. You are being empathetic, supportive and you’re in your element.

You know your stuff and all the right words and the very best listening skills. 

However, you are so broke and need money desperately. As soon as the conversation changes to the business part of things and money, you feel out of your element.

You have so much discomfort that you lose the lovely connection you had earlier and it goes weird.

Of course, your potential client says she can’t afford it and she has to think about it and you are expecting this so you don’t know what to say. 

You want to say,  “ I figured you’d say you can’t afford it.”  Sometimes you offer to lower the price and that feels horrible, especially when she still isn’t interested anymore.  You just want to hide then. 

Your own scarcity mindset becomes the monster in the room.  You assume no one has the money to hire you and you aren’t feeling even competent enough to take the price you were asking. 

To make it worse, you hang up the phone and then feel like a failure. You love what you do, but you also want that feeling of personal achievement and business success. You want to feel like an empowered, strong entrepreneur who deserves to be paid and can easily navigate the selling conversation. 

Once you have that awareness this is the first step to shifting into a person who can stay confident and helpful all the way through.  

The truth is your potential client needs you to help her make this hard decision. People want the help but are scared to spend the money. 

I would love to hear your comments. Do you ever feel like this? 

It’s ok for her to be scared. She can feel anyway she needs to.

However, you need to be clear and empowered. You want to stay in a pure heart place and not crumble. 

You need to feel the strength of Mother Earth, the power of a big tree in a forest, and have a voice of a grown-up woman! 

Discover the 5 Secrets of Heart-Centered Selling That Coverts Leads to Clients.

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