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Jan 01 2014

Happy New Year Intentions

You are special and amazing just for the mere fact that you are running your own business.

You, who have started your own business from scratch, are the true entrepreneurs of the world.

It can be challenging as well as gratifying to have made this choice, but in the end, it’s all about you!

I only wish you prosperity and an abundance of ease and joy in 2014. 

Planting your Seed for an Abundant New Year in 2014JANUARY

I’m sharing this wonderful image for January  from Mary Engelbreit’s  2014 calendar.

I get to look at this picture on my wall all month as a reminder!

It’s an opportunity to consciously make those deep inner shifts that will allow you to change patterns.

As you do, there will a ripple effect in your prosperity, health, and happiness. 

Tune into the power of this auspicious time and use it to help you begin the year in an empowering way!

Let’s focus on the three areas of wealth, health, and happiness.

Imagine that you are planting a garden and putting in a seed that will grow a beautiful  healthy plant! This one seed  will give you exactly what you need this year.

It’s about being mindful.

•  What is your intention around money in your business? 

Do you know how much money you want to grow in 2014?  Do you know the income streams that will produce that? 

What part of this is unclear? What part is surrounded be self doubt? 

Be as specific as you can about where you need to be clearer, as this will make your intention seed more powerful. 

•  Your health is important because you are your business and if you are stressed, out of balance, overworked or overwhelmed, you aren’t able to lead your business with the real power and wisdom you have inside.

That wisdom becomes over-shadowed by the need to survive, rather than thrive.  

What needs to change in this area?

•  Happiness is equally important because if you aren’t truly happy, what’s the point?

How joyful do you feel and in what ways could you bring even greater happiness and joy into your life? 

It could mean changing some patterns or looking at what’s missing.

Just tuning in, imagine holding one small seed in your hands and this seed incorporates the most important things you want to grow in 2014.

Breath that in and know you are holding the DNA for this creation to come into being in your business and life.

Jot down some notes right now and really feel it.

Once you know what your seed holds, this is very powerful. 

It becomes real and not just an idea.

Your seed holds the solution and the magic of what you want. 

 Here are a few tips to help to grow your seed through the year.

1. Imagine it is December 31st 2014, what do you want your seed to have grown into? Picture what you want to see and have.  Be as detailed as you can as the more you can picture it or articulate it, the more likely you will be able create or manifest it.

2. What limiting thoughts do you have that could grow faster than your seed, and like weeds, would strangle  it and keep it from growing fully? The weeds are your thoughts, fears, old habits, all that stuff. You need to recognize and pull them out by the roots every time one comes up. 

3. Take some risks to shift your habits.  It’s much easier to hold the seed in your hand than it is to plant and fertilize it. This could mean investing in getting help, trying something new, bringing in new support. What do you need to do in order to nurture your seed?  

If you only do the first part of this process, and bring forth your seed and put out that intention, this is good.

However, the three tips I have just offered you are the real juice.

I encourage you to focus on all three areas because this will support you to have the abundance you want, get the clients you want to help, and to develop the products and services you want to create.

It will help you to stand more fully in that place where no one else can stand!

It will also help you to shift at the deepest levels so you will be able to be an even stronger leader of your business.  

It’s so  important that people know what you stand for and what you don’t! 

How clear are you about that and what magic does your seed hold?

Join me on a live call to do this ritual together.

Next Free call is January 14th. Please come!


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Dec 30 2013

Planting Seeds for Your Business

pathWhat do you want to change inside of yourself?

Deep inside your core is where your true wisdom lives and will give you these answers.

This is the place where all creative inspiration begins. 

In this golden place there is no fear, self-doubt, or limiting thoughts about what’s possible.

There is only a deep knowing of what you are meant to bring to the world and how you are meant to live.

In that spot it is so clear and the path is open.

All you need to do is walk toward making this manifest. 

I know this well,  and  there are certain spots I go to that have supported my clarity over the years.

My places include the top of Mt. Pisgah in Eugene, Oregon,  A special rock on Wainui Beach in New Zealand, the Labyrinth at Breitenbush Hotsprings, to name a few.  

Really any quiet place in nature helps me to tune in.

When I’m at one of these spots, the fog clears and it’s as though a portal opens to my wisdom, my inner knowing. 

 Where are your places? 

There are also certain moments in time that are so potent for shifting and transforming. 

One of those times in New Years Day.  It’s not because the Gregorian Calendar is especially connected on that level.  It’s because the whole world is holding the energy of new beginnings on this one day.

So, use that energy to go deeper inside of yourself so you can plant some intentions for the year.  These are seeds that can grow into your future.

This year, the new moon also lands on New Years Day.  The new moon is all about new beginnings and is the very best time to plant things that grow above ground.

Regarding your business, this has to do with things that are meant to grow and bloom out into the world. 

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

•  What is holding you back and what you do you want to shift and move through?
•  What seeds to you want to grow in 2014?
•  What do you need to put into place to help your seeds grow?

Plant those seeds in the light of the New Moon, in one of your special places, on New Years Day and then nurture them throughout the year.

Get the support you need, overcome obstacles, and be willing to change your limiting thoughts. 

I am celebrating you and your success and will be doing this myself as well on New Years Day!  

What seeds you want to plant for the New Year and New Moon?

If you share I will promise to hold the energy for your success as well!

Join my Free Call. “Free Tips to Help You Plant Empowering Business Seeds for the New Year”

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Dec 18 2013

Light and Dark of Business Decisions


Winter Solstice always feels like a turning point for me.

It’s as though the sun is sitting still on that one day.

It’s even more poignant for those of us who live in this dark winter climate of Oregon where the sun barely shines in the winter.

It feels good to know that in a few days the darkest day will come and then the light will begin to come in again a little more each day!

Not sure about you, but I’m ready to unleash and illuminate the darker places inside of myself. 

Do you ever feel like you try so hard to see clearly what’s going on in your business, all that needs to happen, and yet, you can’t quite see it with crystal clarity?

For me,  someone outside of myself can usually see it better than I can. What I love about winter solstice is the idea that more light will shine on those dark places and I can embody greater enlightenment.

Some of those darker places are actually ideas or beliefs that end up fueling my decisions.

What decisions are you making right now that are based on not enough clarity or information?

One idea is to let go of attachment of:
•  How you think it should be.
•  Something you created that doesn’t really work.
•  Ideas that are limiting you, like thinking you can’t do or have something because…

Imagine  your business is like seeds planted in the dark of the soil. The longer days and increased sunlight will allow the seeds to germinate and grow upward and eventually bloom in the summer sunshine. If you fertilized and planted them with loving care, they will grow even more abundantly!

What kind of support do you need to have in place right now to allow your business to bloom and grow strong into the spring and then summer?

Where do things feel covered in darkness right now?

What needs to shine forth and grow in the light?

What do you need to have in place to nurture this to happen?

How can you listen and make decisions from this light place of knowing!

For those of you in the southern hemisphere, just notice what needs to be out in the full sunlight right now.

I would love to hear from you!

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Dec 09 2013

How to Get More Clients to Notice You

What feels like the biggest struggle around being recognized as a specialist in your business?

I posed this question to my business community a few weeks ago. 

In my last post I shared one response to the above question.  

I decided I would share one more today because this is such a hot issue for so many of you!

It has to do with confidence.  Oh yea! That!  

Here are a few responses I received:

I don’t feel like an expert.
I’m new and feel I need more training. 
I don’t believe people will want to work with me. 
Feel people want someone more experienced that I am. 

There were more responses in this  category but you get the drift. 

It’s true that it begins with you. It’s easy to hide behind marketing strategies, follow all the steps, and then when they don’t work immediately, you feel frustrated and a failure. 

This was certainly my story and my dark secret was my lack of belief in myself.  I guess I knew I could help people but I didn’t think I was “good enough.” 

I thought if people paid me a lot of money they would want outcomes I might not be able to provide. That was my deep shadow in my first couple years in business.  It was painful and I had many tearful conversations with my mentor coach who kept telling me how great I was, but I couldn’t accept it fully. 

He saw something in me that I barely could see in myself.

Can you imagine how this belief affected my sales?

The truth is, if I couldn’t really see it, my potential clients certainly wouldn’t feel confident that I could help them.  So I had to face my shadow. This was the hardest part of growing a business and it still is.  That was 20 years ago, and I still have threads of those feelings. 

I know one practitioner who has an overflowing trunk of tools, certifications and trainings. She is comfortable and confident being a student and learning more ways to be a good practitioner. But it’s like a bottomless pit.  Whenever she feels  incompetent, she signs up for yet another practitioner training program. 

The problem isn’t lack of training. The issue is that she needs to accept that she is good enough and smart enough, right now!  Only from that place will she be able to own that she is an expert or specialist. 

In my Free  Training Class this week, I will give you the exact steps I used to build this confidence in myself, and a formula that will work for you, so you can get on with the real work you came here to do!  The free class is on Thursday and there is still space!

Once you step into that confidence place you will see yourself in a new way, and your potential clients will suddenly notice you in the shiny way that only you can be!   

Am I the only one who has had to face this?  Can you see how you hold yourself back? I’d love your comments!

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Dec 04 2013

How to Stand Out From the Pack!

Silly senior society woman wearing butterfly glassesAs you know, I always want to figure out the exact issue and problem you have and then really focus on listening, understanding, and giving help!

A couple weeks ago I asked my community of clients and peers to answer this one question for me.

I knew your responses would be so helpful.  I wasn’t disappointed. All the many, many responses  were all so enlightening!

Here is the question and then I’ll share one response that seemed especially revealing.

“What feels like the biggest struggle you have around  being recognized as a specialist in your business?

 This is a crucial question!  After years of following many different marketing gurus myself and trying various systems, I realized that one thing was always missing. 

This has to do with knowing your deep wisdom that only you own, and how you can use that to develop yourself as a specialist in your business. This makes you untouchable.

 One response that I heard in a variety of ways:

 “Lack of finances to hire someone to help me create a step by step marketing and branding plan to help me to be seen.”

There are actually two parts to this response.

The first part is about having a step-by-step plan. Yes, this is important, however it needs to be an individual plan based on your own unique wisdom and speciality.

You have to begin with yourself, who you are, your mission, your gifts, and from there the steps appear out of the fog. It reminds me of “The Mists of Avalon.” (If you haven’t read that book, you need to!)  The steps are there all the time but you can’t see them yet. Once you tap into the wisdom place that lives deep in your soul, the mists will clear and the steps follow from there. 

Part two has to do with money and the idea that it will take a lot of money to get help.  I want to be totally  transparent here and share that I had huge money issues at one time and felt I couldn’t spend a nickel to get help!  I woke up and realized that I had to stop saying I couldn’t afford to get help!

Instead I decided to somehow get the help I needed and look for ways to make it work. That one mind shift began an upward transformation in my business. I began with taking lower cost seminars, and now have paid thousands of dollars which was not in my comprehension ten years ago.

So, you do have control over your mindset and there are always solutions to getting help once you decide! I know it’s hard to hear this when you are struggling. I do care!

I will be sharing much more about these issues, as well as some of the other responses to my question in my Free Training Call “Stand Out From the Pack and Attract the Exact Clients Who Want Your Wisdom.”   Tada- Free help!

It is Thursday December 12th and will repeat on January 14th. Sign up for either date!

It’s also not too late to give your response to my question. Just comment below!

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