Wiser and Wilder Weekend Retreat

 sun Goddess

Step into your Real Voice for yourself, your business and for your purpose in the world.


Fully manifest your Wiser and Wilder Vision and Purpose!


There is nothing better than spending deeply soulful time with a group of other wise, committed visionary women entrepreneurs, and what better place than the beauty of the Oregon coast. 


October 13-16  Oregon Coast- Manzanita

You have had success on your business path but you feel called to go deeper, wider and step more fully into the next level of what you are meant to do and who you’re meant to be!




Women need to be in circles with other women, witnessing them, their raw soul, their unfolding, true voice and ultimate empowerment.

There will be many things to learn but it will happen in an experiential way where you will be in community in its purest form.

Opening your voice
Growing your self-worth and confidence
Doing what only you can do- your dharma




What will we do together?

Our purpose is to BE Wiser and Wilder and to be  true leader of yourself, your vision and your business.

•  Tap into your deepest Wisdom. 

Access your own Wise Woman to give you insight, truth, clarity, direction. She knows who you are and what is most important to you. 

What is your purpose and who are you meant to be?
There is no right way. There is only your way. 

A retreat is perfect for having the spaciousness to access these places in yourself .

The processes we will do, both in a group and alone, will allow this to unfold, removing more layers of the onion skin of your life path and your business. 


•  Be One with your Wild Woman. 
She calls you to be free of expectations, judgements and limitations.  She will have you doing some things you might never do on your own and shed light on the barriers that keep you from facing your fully unique genius.

What can you create with your Wild Woman supporting you?

Wild woman also is nurturing and accepts you and your decisions unconditionally. She knows that who you are is already perfect and she will gently encourage you to stretch some beyond your comfort zone.  

She lives in the ocean waves, in the roots of your tree and is part of the fire!

We will be gathering at a large, beautiful house with a gorgeous ocean view and only a few steps to the beach.  

Imagine the sound of the surf, the salt air, and peacefulness of the sand. 


Some processes will happen on the beach and we’ll use the power of the ocean to support your growth.  The tide is such a beautiful metaphor of inner growth for women and our cycles.

There is  a fire circle behind the house where we can sit together and connect through the fire’s energy.  Depending on the weather we may build a fire right on the beach at low tide.

If you are like most women, you get side-tracked by your own self-doubt, habits of hiding, fears and a myriad of other emotions.  

All these issues emerge again when you are wanting to grow into a new level of your growth spiral. 

We’ll use creative processes and rituals to break through your stuck places and allow you to experience freedom, confidence and your true inner leader. Wise and Wild Woman will be your mentor.


ellie quote imageThis mastermind retreat helped me see how important it is to take time out from the daily workings of my business and connect with other women who truly understand the challenges and rewards of running your own business.  Kaya  has a remarkable ability to bring together really incredible people to create a powerful synergy and the momentum for change. 

~Elie Cole www.nourishingmedicine.com


There will be space for you to share your gifts with the group whether it be art, music, dance, healing or other tools. 

There will be private time to walk on the beach, meditate, write and have alone space.

We will be a community so everyone will share their intentions for the weekend and we will create space for you to get what you need.  


Jocelyn Testimonial Photo

The retreat really opened my eyes to the fact that I am my business and that my personal baggage impacts my business. 

Through Kaya Singer’s skilled facilitation and the small group experience I found that others were better at seeing and drawing out of me what I needed than I was able to do on my own. What a difference it has made in the success of my business and the quality of my life!

~Jocelyn Mozak, www.mozakdesign.com


 KS15-117I’ve been running women’s empowerment groups since the 1980s. Yes, that makes me a young Crone now! Young in spirit and Ageless wisdom. I’ve faced my own fears, self-worth issues, lack of confidence, jealousy….the works, and now that I know myself and who I am, I love supporting other women to do the same. As a group of powerful women, I we can make so much positive change. Kaya Singer, author of “Wiser and Wilder.”

Through stories, symbols, and experiences you’ll have a chance to embody your authentic personal charisma and presence. 



The retreat begins on Thursday 5:00 and ends Sunday 2:00.  

We will begin with a circle each time we meet throughout the weekend. This might include ahas from the last process, clarifying intentions, needs or question that have arisen. 

We will have lunch and dinner together as some of the best conversations happen over meals. Meals will be simple, healthy and offer many options.  I will provide the food and as a community we will all pitch in to make it happen. You will provide your own breakfasts. There are grocery stores and cafes 5 minutes away. 


What you will take away 

•  Rejuvenation
•  New energy for your Business Vision
•  Clarity about your next steps
•  Re-alignment of your soul and spirit
•  Beautiful women’s community and lasting friendships

Included is:

  • 3 nights and 3 days of beautiful facilitation with Kaya Singer plus a surprise guest.
  • Meeting in a large beautiful upscale house in Manzanita, Oregon. Miles of beach to walk on.
  • Fire circle right outside on the deck. 
  • Gorgeous ocean views. Steps to the beach. 
  • Healthy food for lunch and snacks everyday. 
  • Structured teaching time and free time to integrate.
  • Small Group of less than 13 women! Lots of one-on-one help.  
  • Art supplies, tools and more for your deepening transformation.

Our  2016 is over and ws a huge success,  but please contact me to get on the list for 2017.



Emmy Testimonial PhotoI feel like a new woman after this event! I have a confidence that I didn’t know I was missing in the beginning. I didn’t realize I was hiding. Kaya. Your questions. Your acceptance. Your ongoing support. Amazingly comforting and eye-opening at once.

 ~Emmy Morgan www.askyourangels.com




 ♥ ♥ ♥

So, be bold and call on your Wild and Wise Woman. She will come.

I stood on the beach, feeling the sun on my face and the Goddess of the Sea speaking to me. My body was rooted into the sand and I wanted nothing else. It was one of those moments of being present 100 percent with my Wise and Wild Woman. I was aware of a lineage of ancestors, women upon women who had stood on this same spot in a timeless space of BEINGness. I thanked them for the strength and love they were gifting me. I saw a montage of their faces, filled with wrinkles of wisdom; eyes that could see beyond normal vision into the world of inner sight and calm knowing.

My body was a channel, a hollow bamboo for their energies to fill my soul and make me whole. My Wild Woman wanted to splash in every tide pool, write words in the sand, feel my toes in the water of the tide and call out the sounds of Earth and Sky. It was one of those moments where everything felt aligned with a vibration of love, flow, clarity and connectedness, all the ways I wish I could be everyday.

I know in my deepest truth that operating from this vibration is the most important part of manifesting my own life vision and purpose in the world. It’s my belief that if you can experience something like this even once, it becomes imprinted in your memory. Like me, you will yearn for it every hour of every day. It’s like a positive drug that provides the needed environment to grow YOU, who you are meant to be.

Kaya Singer. Wiser & Wilder: A Soulful Path for Visionary Women Entrepreneurs 




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