Stepping into a brand new business and unsure what to do first? 

SeedingYou are probably overflowing with skills, training, and tools to offer potential clients but you are at sea when it comes to growing a business and all that it entails.

You’ve probably read umpteen books on marketing, attended free tele-classes, maybe hired the wrong people and make some mistakes. 


You know you need a website so either you built one that you are embarrassed about or you still don’t have one.

You simply don’t know what to do and where to begin.


You know you need money coming in and you’re trying not to be stressed about this but you are!

You are at the Seeding Stage of your business.  

It’s all about planting your business garden correctly, with the right fertilizer, love and  making the best decisions to it will grow strong for the long haul.


At this level of your business it begins with you getting clarity and focus about what you are planting and where. This is the wise woman way!


The very first step is to know:

• What is your special wisdom seed
• How you stand out from others who do something similar
• What is your deep mission, purpose and your why 

And then how to translate that into your business:

• Message
• Content
• Communications 
• Connections
• Offerings


The mistake many brand new business owners make is to skip these steps and begin trying to get clients right away. It’s like expecting a whole garden to grow overnight without first planting the seeds.

When you try to do it this way, you will grow tons of weeds instead and feel very scattered and confused. 


Where to begin?  paperbackbookstanding

1. Begin by getting this simple home study course on  “How to Stand Out and Attract the  Exact Right Clients”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Isolated hands holding a new tree with green leaves

2. Invest in yourself fully and get individual one-on-help! Read more about the Gold Mentor Coaching Program.  Perfect for people just starting out and wanting quality, focused help.


[quote]After this six month program I am no longer panicked or frantic. I am clear on the direction of my business,  have hired some outside help,  have a plan in place, and have accepted a reasonable timeline. I’m seeing an increase in income, increase in inquiries from my ideal clients! I love my new website that I developed as result of this process with Kaya.  While there is still much work to be done, I feel know what direction to go in, and what steps to take to go there!

~Rachel Stark[/quote]


 3. Contact me for a free discovery/strategy call.  This is perfect for people who are ready to get help but just not sure what kind is best.  I will listen and help you decide about the next steps for you!