Fear serves a good purpose sometimes. It can alert you that something is unsafe or potentially harmful. However- fear is often an emotional response to anything that doesn’t feel safe.

Safety is good when it involves not running in front of a train or not ingesting a harmful substance. Safety may not be your best friend when you are growing your business. But your brain doesn’t know this distinction.

In order to stretch and move forward so you can have more people to help, you need to step into new territory in spite of the fear.  Here are some fears my clients have mentioned:

•  I might make a mistakes and look like a fool.
•  People will think I am stupid.
•  I will actually make less money, not more.
•  If I spend more money, it won’t work and I will be more in debt.
•  I will get in over my head.

As a result of these fears, people will:

•  Stay where they are even if they are struggling.
•  Not invest any money in their business.
•  Blame other people for not helping them well.
•  Refuse to borrow money or get a loan.
•  Keep doing the same things that haven’t worked.
•  Put up barriers and refuse to change.
•  Defend their beliefs even if they are keeping them stuck.

If you own a small business that involves helping people, you want MORE people to help. Simple really, but to do that you have to be willing to face those fears and go for it anyway. If you can relate to anything on the above lists. just breath and take it in. Here are Five things you can do!

1. Ask yourself what you would do to help your business if you had no fears. If you are not sure or you don’t trust yourself, get some good advice from a mentor.

2. Make business decisions on what your business needs in order to grow. Don’t make decisions based on your cash flow.  Look at  your roi and know that spending money now, will pay for itself some months down the road.

3. Remember that any marketing strategy takes 4-5 months before you see any cash flow result. Stay with your plan for the duration and know that you are building in stages! Many people have unrealistic expectations and then say, “I told you so,” to defend their fears.

4. Be willing to let go of your attachments to your products. Many service based business owners are more attached to following their passion than they are in developing a solid business. Your business cannot be about your product. It has to focused on your clients and what they need. it takes time and research to figure this out. let go of your impatience.

5. Get into a mastermind group with solid business owners who will give you good feedback. Let go of defending yourself as they might be seeing something you are missing.

Once you begin to make decisions based on the needs of your business, rather than your fears, you will notice a positive change and your business will begin to grow.