5 Things you Can Do This Week to Transform Your Business!

It’s Monday morning and I have way too much stuff rattling around in my brain. It says, “Do this,” and “Me first,” and a whole variety of worries! It can feel a bit like being on a treadmill.

Here I am another week of dealing with paying bills, sorting out the stack of papers on my desk and my own issues to face. It all makes my energy plummet.

What I need is to be be energized for the week and transform my state of mind.

If you feel similar you might also appreciate the five tips I came up with. Just writing them has made me feel better and more inspired!

1. Get out of your office and walk around the block before you do anything. When I lived in New Zealand I  would walk on the beach and that was immediately transformative. The beach is now 90 minutes away so not an option. But walking and looking at people’s gardens is also lovely. It reminds me that I am part of a community and also my greater purpose is to just be peaceful and  in the moment.

2. Do something that will inspire others first thing. Think of something that connects with people and will make a difference somehow. Do that first. It will remind you that who you are and what you do, can make a big difference. ( ex. I’ve just written this blog post)

3. Give gratitude to the people who are helping and supporting you- your team. You are not alone and without these folks, you wouldn’t be able to do what you do as easily. Send an email, write a thank-you on Facebook or send a card with a real stamp!  It will feel good and remind you how important it is to acknowledge the people who are standing with you.

4. Create an affirmation for the week. It could also be one word that describes the energy or focus you want to have for this week while you are working. Write that out and post it on your desk where you can see it everyday. Make it positive and affirming. It will help you to stay tuned all week as your eyes read it here and there. Every time you read it, just breath it in and smile.

5. Decide on something important you want to accomplish this week and write it down on your white board or  somewhere that works for you. It may be something you’ve been avoiding because you are unsure or you just keep putting off. Writing it down gives you a positive goal to work toward and then at the end of the week you will feel good because you did it and you can celebrate and pat yourself on the back!

These are all things you have likely done before but it is so important to be mindful. Each one of these alone will make a huge shift and doing all five will be transformative. Please comment and let me know what you think. You might have others to add to these five.

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