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Your Awake Business Team


Important People I would be lost without!

Tara Backes– My amazing VA ( I have tried to keep her a secret:)

Jocelyn Mozak   My website genie. 

Aweber– My auto-responder and list server. Excellent support.
My affiliate url:

Canvas Host– My web host
My affiliate url:

I am very grateful for all the amazing people who have helped me, supported me and contributed to this business.

As a result we can help even more people realize personal achievement, prosperity, and together, make a bigger difference.


You might notice the lovely art all over my site. Here are the featured artists! I thank them for allowing me to use their wonderful images to give more life and color to my website. Please visit their websites!





Gina Livingston Murray








Cindy Gray








Marylou Falstreau