Visionary Wise Women

You have such great wisdom to share with the world, and yet you struggle to make your business shine the way you want it to! 

After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, I’ve discovered the steps to grow your soulful community and to attract the kind of clients you want to work with.  

I’ve learned how to be a Visionary and an Entrepreneur and I can show you the path. 


Growing your business is just like growing a tree 

It requires a lot of water at first, until the roots are large and strong. Then one step at a time, you support the tree to grow taller, stronger, and eventually it has multiple branches and lots of juicy fruit. 

I work with people who say, “Yes, I am ready to make this investment in my business and myself.”

The first step is to schedule a phone call with me and we can talk about what you need and how to get started. I send you some questions first and we go from there.

Imagine turning your vision into a stronger business while having a mentor to help you to see what you can’t yet see yourself.  

Each of my mentor programs are individually designed for you and you will receive the exact help you need. Here are some possible examples below. Read and see where you fit in.

A maiden business is brand new and usually we focus on planting the roots of your business tree which includes your marketing message, website, and beginning to bring some money in so you can be less stressed.   

A Mother Business is where the overwhelm often sets in and the self-doubt.  We  look at how to weed your garden so your seeds grow more abundantly. How to  Create a Demand for your offers and learn about Heart Selling becomes very important. 

In a Crone business we focus on ease of working less.  It becomes more about being a mentor, a speaker, and helping others in new ways. Making this shift from doing everything yourself to working in a new mode is part of what we work on. It means focusing on a few strong programs and using your creativity in other ways. 

Begin right now by scheduling a phone call with me and we can talk about what you need and how to get started. You have nothing to lose.

Together we work on the parts of your business where you are stuck or the places you may be avoiding. I help you use your own wisdom and skills to fully step into your power and lead your business to success!

190_joymodAfter my program  with Kaya I am no longer panicked or frantic. I am clear on the direction of my business,  I’m seeing an increase in income, and I love my new website that I developed as result of this process.  I now know what direction to go in, and what steps to take to go there!

~Rachel Stark

about-lieve (1)

Kaya supported me to shift my ways of thinking and above all was a wonderful cheerleader. When I was  stuck, she managed to help me move through blocks and helped me to find the courage and energy again to continue my entrepreneurial adventure.

~Lieve Maas,

Mona-DasI attended  a one-day seminar and was so impressed with Kaya’s facilitation skills that I signed up for her mastermind group, then a weekend coaching seminar for entrepreneurial women. She has a unique way of helping her clients get clear on their vision, craft a message that’s compelling and authentic and helps you work through barriers and identifies potential obstacles along the way.   I walk away impressed, motivated and inspired. I’m now one of her one on one coaching clients.

~Mona Das,

1900156_10200779624893190_1763857897_nI was losing money! I tried other coaches and nothing worked!  The first thing Kaya said, “you are not marketing to your ideal professional client”.   Now having a clearer vision,  my marketing is  180 degrees turn around.  A whole new direction after 12 years.  WOW!    Five months after I met  Kaya, my new website is launched. I have clarity about who my customers  are and it is all thanks to Kaya’s tough love approach – straight forward – with her soft kind words.

~Chris Stine

VirginieEven though I knew that I was good in my field, I thought as myself as small, shy, not good enough, not capable enough. But I Kaya gave me wings! What seemed like fantasy life is my business today! She saw past my blind spots and offered great direction for every blockage I had. I have attracted clients from places I couldn’t have imagined before.  My income has doubled, which means I can now live off my company solely. 

~Virginie Blackmoor,

Begin right now by scheduling a phone call with me and we can talk about what you need and how to get started. 


217358_2003145717305_3450366_nI was searching for someone in marketing who would actually take the time to learn who I was and address my specific issues. Kaya not only helped me with my website by teaching me what I offer so I could connect with my niche, but more importantly, she helped me find me. I was disconnected and lost.

Kaya is different. She said, “Don’t worry. I’ll help you through this.” She was not kidding. I didn’t know what support was until I worked with Kaya. She doesn’t hold back. She addressed my specific issues. She encouraged me all the along the way while helping me see what works and what my prospects needed to hear. Gradually I came to understand who I am and how to present myself. My business is growing.

~Emmy Morgan

Let’s talk about what you need and how to get started.