Wiser and Wilder Retreat – October 2018

My retreat cancellation policy

As you know its a lot of work to put on an event, and at the same time things happen in your life, so here is my solution for a win-win.

Based on past experiences, I am assuming the retreat will fill up quickly and be full by November. I am thrilled that you are making your intention to be part of this event.

My hope is that you are fully making this commitment and you won’t need to cancel. This is a small event so one person leaving  creates a huge gap in  the energy that I will be holding.  I actually create a colored mandala graphic and each of you are added to it at the time you register and at the moment, the circle begins with you as part of it. I love that. 

However, we know that life happens, so if you cancel before November 1st I will refund all your monies minus $200 which is non-refundable.

After November 1st there is no refund unless the retreat is full and I can sell your spot to someone else. I will do my very best to fill the spot at that point and you can also ask your friends.  If I can sell it I will refund all but the $200.

November 1 is the last date I can cancel our accommodation and still get a refund. 

Of course if there is a serious illness or a death in the family I am not heartless and we can talk. Communication is a good thing.