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Transforming Your Visionary Business

That process of transforming your vision into a real business can sometimes feel like an endless, hopeless mess instead of the joyful expansion and transformation into  success.

There is often a huge gap between what you want to do, your real life visionary calling AND the business steps to follow to get the abundance you

Money Wisdom

Are you a highly skilled, creative, visionary women who can no longer emotionally cope with a job?

Me! My hand is up!

I hear this echoed by hundreds of women who feel their wild spirit would be smothered and stifled if they were to again start working for someone else. Is that door closed to you?


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Spiral of Business Growth

Many years ago when I heard the words “Business Planning,” my inner visionary  backed up into her little turtle shell. She thought, “boring, not fun, and hard”.

I am, and have always been motivated by fun and creativity. 

Spread sheets mean heaviness and things I don’t understand. There is no context for understanding

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