Crone Medicine Art 

My art is being inspired by who I am at my core, what I love, value, and deeply care about.

I  create images that will inspire other women and bring joy, alignment, and connection to your own Wise and Wild Woman. The more I paint I realize that each painting has a message and the women that appear are coming for a reason.  My paintings are evolving into offering healing on the deepest soul level. 


Can you imagine one of my paintings hanging  in your office or home?  The energy will inspire and each wise woman will bring her wisdom to your space. Every image is also available in giclee prints of various sizes.  Plus I have a large variety of greeting cards.   Contact me directly to let me know which one you want and find out prices. We can make it happen.  


me and book 2

About Kaya’s Art

My artistic life began when I was three and then had the unfortunate experience of going to elementary school in the 1950s in Toledo, Ohio where artistic creativity was highly discouraged. (I share about this in Chapter 3, My Circle Story) in “Wiser and Wilder.”

Luckily there was still a spark left burning when I went off to college so I majored in art at Ohio State University, and ended up with a BFA in ceramics and an MFA in ceramics and filmmaking in 1970. I loved clay and I found my spiritual self during those years of creating pottery, clay sculpture and tuning into Mother earth.  

In 2005 I returned to Oregon after 12 years living in New Zealand. I left behind my women’s circles and community and  I felt such deep grief even though I had made a conscious choice. One dreary winter I began painting on clay with bright colored glazes and discovered that I naturally wanted to paint women, the soul of women, emotions, deep, feelings, and true feminine connection to self.  

I had never been a “real” painter but canvas and paint started calling me and then my journey into acrylic painting coincided with writing my book “Wiser and Wilder.” It started with doing doodle drawings for the book to illustrate my messages, and then I naturally started to add color using Copic Markers, which I still love.

I took video painting courses with Shilo Sophia based on her Color of Women teachings, and from somewhere, came Crone Medicine Woman. She was my first painting. The second one was Wild Wisdom Crone and she ended up being on my book cover. Since then, I’ve taken workshops with Oliva Oso and Uma Joy Mulnick, who are both certified teachers of Shilo.

I do Crone Medicine Art. It is soul wisdom that comes from spirit and is all about empowering all self-identified women, regardless of  skin color, to take their staff, no matter what age they are, and put their stake in the ground.  I want to encourage women stand for what they believe in, what they are meant to BE in the world and bring forth their wisdom that the world needs now.

My book, private mentoring of women visionary entrepreneurs, art, speaking, and leading workshops and retreats are all part of my same deeper purpose and they overlap in my life.

Embrace both your Wise and Wild Woman, wake up to who you are, and walk your own soulful path.








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