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Wise and Wild Women, coaches, practitioners, artists, designers, visionary business owners, this is for you!




A special mentoring program for women who are in the Maiden/Mother stage of their business.

If you feel any of these ways?

• Over-flowing with ideas and vision for what you really want to do. 
• At sea when it comes to knowing how to make it all happen.
• Your fears and self-doubts are huge and tend to hold you back. 
• Hesitant to spend any money for help until you feel more confident.
• You deeply need support.

My own Inner Crone has been nudging me to follow my truth and deep calling to help you brilliant women who need high quality help, and are not yet ready for my more intensive and higher priced programs.

I’ve been there. At at the beginning it’s hard to have trust in yourself enough to make that investment. I felt that way too and worried I would waste my hard-earned money. 

My Wise Woman has helped me to see that money is only one criteria of energy exchange. I really love the gratification I receive from helping women wake up, become more empowered and step into their real voice and vision.

I love helping new business owners to get started. 

This lights up my being and it is deeply fulfilling..

Offering this kind of help is part of stepping into being a mentor. Yes, I’m still running a business and it feels so right to be offering this program again!

My inner Crone said to me, You are now doing well financially and no longer worried, so why not help women who really need the help, and yet, right at this time don’t have the resources or trust to pay for the high quality of help they need?   


I  decided to offer a Crone Mentor Program for a few people who fit the criteria I have listed below. It isn’t free as there needs to still be a financial exchange, but it will be significantly less than my usual programs with all the same high quality help and support that I offer from my own Wise Woman experience. This is only available each January and open to 5 women who fit the criteria. 

If you feel like this might be you, read on and then apply.

 Answer these five questions and see if you get a YES. 

1, Are you deeply committed to following your visionary path of success?  You clearly want to turn your business into one that is prosperous.

2. Are you ready to remove the obstacles that are holding you back; mind-set, old beliefs, fears and self-doubts? 

3, Do you already have a business or business idea, even if it’s struggling?

4. Do you want more clarity, step in more fully, open your voice and willing to do the work of chopping wood and carrying water? It’s a spiritual discipline on many levels.

5.  You know you need more help in building the roots of your business and you can’t do this on your own.

Did you get a YES to these five questions?

Your next step is to contact me to set up a short interview. 

[quote type=”center”] With Kaya’s help, I’ve been able to focus and hone in on my niche clients,  learn how to communicate with them, how to express my core marketing message and other valuable tools to grow my business.Kaya supported me to shift my ways of thinking and above all was a wonderful cheerleader. When I was  stuck, she managed to help me move through blocks and helped me to find the courage and energy again to continue my entrepreneurial adventure.~Lieve Maas,[/quote]
[quote type=”center”] We joined the Crone Mentor Program 2017 thinking about taking the next step in our business. Kaya was always a source of ideas and questions to help us make decisions and move forward. Both our private sessions with Kaya and the community in the Fire Circle Facebook group were key to us moving into our new space and evolving our business.~Marcia Chadly, Creative Life Center[/quote]


Crone Mentor Program includes so much!

•  11 private coaching sessions spread out over a whole year.

•  One year Membership in the Wise Woman Fire Circle online coaching group with an intiate community of amazing visionary entrepreneurs like you.

•  10 small group teaching/coaching  calls

•  Plus extra teaching tools sprinkled throughout the year.

• Duration is one year from when you begin.

All this for a low, low payment of 12 monthly payments of $227

Or one payment of  $2597  (save $124)

This is an incredible price for one whole year of support, accountability, online community and private coaching.

(I was in an online group once that had no private coaching at all and the price was over $3,000).  

If you are reading this and your heart is saying,
Yes, I want one of those five spots, then
contact me now to set up your interview.

I can’t wait to  talk with you and help you move forward in developing your own vision and success. 

[quote type=”center”]

As I worked with Kaya, my true voice and self began to emerge, and with this, a greater belief in myself and what was possible in my business.

Kaya is particularly good at letting you be where you are and acknowledging the strengths you might not see in yourself, while offering valuable emotional, practical, and intuitive suggestions which help you move forward with greater ease.

From our work in just 6 months, I developed a greater belief in myself and my abilities, I found my niche, and my business is now taking shape in a way I couldn’t have imagined!

~Heather Schwartz, PsyD,[/quote]



My own story
Since 1973, I’ve been a potter, counselor, life and business coach and now an author, mentor, and an artist. Now that I’m entering my Crone years I’m doing what I love and enjoy helping other women to avoid some of the bumps on the road.  I want to help you to be who you are meant to be in the world!