Please join us with Flora Bowely, Internationally celebrated painter, workshop facilitator, author, and inspirationalist.  

Flora’s story is captivating for any creative woman who wonders how to build a successful business while not sacrificing your passion and real creative purpose.

You also don’t have to be an artist to benefit from Flora’s wisdom. 

Flora Bowley is an internationally celebrated painter, workshop facilitator, top-selling author, and inspirationalist. 

Her vibrant paintings can be found in numerous galleries, in public spaces, on album covers and on a variety of unique licensed products found around the world.  

Flora splits her time between painting, teaching, and writing.   To find out more about Flora’s art, book, online courses and workshops, please visit

In this captivating interview Flora shares how she began her career by just following her heart, thinking that all she truly wanted was to be a successful painter. She was surprised to discover how much she loved working with people,  teaching and helping others to follow their passion and bring creativity into their own lives. She shares her story and it’s filled with so much positive energy and great advice! 

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