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Growing a Business is Like Growing a Garden

Is this you?

You imagine perfect abundant plants. Instead you get weeds and tiny plants. 

Your VISION is clear.

But thoughts are rumbling around in your own head and you keep getting stopped by your own emotions.

In this short but powerful Wisdom Strategy Session we look at:

• What are you wanting to grow in your business
• What is your vision and message that is deeply yours
• What you need to do to put that out there and touch thousands


It can be easy. It’s about BEING rooted and clear about your next steps.


Do you feel a YES when you read these questions?   

 Do you want to know how to follow the right path from where you are now to where you want to go?

• Are you willing to change your patterns and invest your time and your money in getting help from someone who really gets you?

Have you tried to do it yourself with not enough results? 

 Than this session is for you!

• I’ll ask you  some valuable questions.

• I’ll offer some pointed advice that you can act on immediately.

• You will leave with much more clarity of your next steps. This is a promise!


This  session is only $97 for brand new clients who haven’t yet worked with me one-on-one. It will also be applied to any mentor/coaching program you might sign-up for. However this session is also stand-alone and really high value. 

Once our time is scheduled, I will send you a few more questions and then we meet on the phone or Skype. 


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