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5 Empowering Marketing Steps for Wise and Wild Women


Free Class – Telephone and chat
Tuesday January 3rd  10AM Pacific   1PM Eastern



Visionary women, you are part of a unique tribe who needs to build a marketing plan based on the Way of the Wise Woman.

It’s so important to your success to listen and trust your feminine instinct. 


I decided to offer this free class to help you more fully understand the Women’s Way of Marketing, based on Intuition, Connection and Wholism. It works!


I was always naturally good at marketing, but when I began to do my business for real I analyzed what worked and then created tools and easy to understand processes for other women like me. This is exactly what I will share in this free class!


I know you want to find more clients and customers
without struggling and feeling overwhelmed.


In this class I’ll be sharing:

• A wholistic tool that shows the steps to finding more potential clients
• The 3 most important things for you to remember about marketing
• The 2 things to never do- no matter what! 


You will leave the call with:

• Clarity about what you need to do next
• How to get help from both your Wise and Wild Woman
• The feeling of being part of a community with other women business owners. 

You will want my free handout! Just-sign-up below and it will come in an email. It will be worth it- I promise.

Plus this call will be recorded and I will send you the link so you can listen later.  I also may do a replay so more people can be on live!

This is an empowering way to begin the first quarter of the new year. It’s a number one year in numerology which is new beginnings, so why not create a new marketing focus and plan for yourself.

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