HarvestingYour Business Is Finally Past the Struggle Stage and Ready to Rock

It’s time to harvest your successes and learn what it takes to get to six figures!


You’ve worked so hard to get where you are now.


You finally have cash flow that pays for your expenses and you are ready to launch your business to the next level.

You want plenty of money coming in, not just enough to get by.


You would love to not constantly feel like you are building new programs and trying new strategies.

It’s time to create a plan that will give you the ability to repeat your successes and then add new passive income steams as well.


Here  are some of the pieces that need to be in place in order to jump to the next level
•  Systems that track all your business activity so you can have more control
•  Joint venture partners to be part of a your team and help send you more clients
•  Strategies for lead generation.
•  Selling skills
•  Join venture events like a telesummits
•  Creating a team to allow you to serve more customers
•  More clarity on your speciality
•  New income steams


You likely have some of these things in place but not 100%.  

You’re in the Harvest Stage and time for you to become a real leader of your business!


This means appreciating all the success you have had, making stronger decisions and owning your speciality even more deeply.

The very best way to do this is to have quality mentoring from someone who can help see the bigger picture in front of you.


womans day

1. Join the online Wise Woman Fire Circle, a wonderful combination of community, mastermind group, and warm haven for Women entrepreneurs. Get peer support, group coaching and more. This is a perfect group to help you step into the next level and get past your fears!



2. Join our Wiser and Wilder Retreat at the Oregon coast!! Nothing better than spending a long weekend doing rituals, visioning, masterminding and more with a strong group of Wild and Wise Women. 





3. Invest in yourself and join either the Gold or Crystal Mentor Coaching Program.    This will give you the most strategic help and support and it includes a free membership to the Wise Women Fire Circle.Christmas white and blue frame with big snowflake (vector)