KATHLEEN HANAGAN  is known as the Love and Business Sage, for her transformational work as both a business coach and psychotherapist.

She is a spiritual teacher, shaman, priestess, international speaker, and author of The Art and Science of Success, and co-author of Success in High Heels. She guides healers and luminaries into breakthrough terrain so they can fulfill their missions without betraying their hearts. 

You will love this interview. I was touched with Kathleen’s honesty and transparency as she shares her own story of beginning her own business in her late 30’s when she had three small children, and how she has journeyed into her wise woman years and now building her legacy business. 

She talks about what kept her on track, how she got side-tracked, and what she learned in the process. 

Kathleen’s brilliant wisdom for women is to take time to heal yourself. She says, “It is the most important work you will ever do, since it is what makes it possible for you to step into the vision you carry in your heart.  

When you declare that you are going for it, there will be resistance equal to the love behind your vision.  Healing old wounds clears the clouds away so that the sun of your true work can shine. “

She has a lovely and powerful meditation to offer you as a healing gift. She says it will give you the benefit of years of psychotherapy!

You can reach Kathleen at!KathleenHanagan