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Find Your Niche Ready-Set-Go

Four week focused teleseminar


You know how important it is to have a clear niche focus in order to build a strong business, get more clients and get that cash-flow happening.

Maybe you get it in theory, but in practice when you try to get it right you feel confused and unsure.


What exactly is niche marketing
and what does this term mean?


It’s about developing a marketing message and plan focused on products or services that are directly fulfilling the  burning needs and wants of a specific and narrow group.

Marketing experts say that the narrower the niche, the stronger your business will be, as long as you choose a niche that is accurate and reflects an authentic need from a whole community of people.

Your niche is this strong, narrow community of people. 


Niche marketing is essential because:

1. It is much more profitable to market to a narrower group. 

2. You will get way more referrals because people will know exactly what your specialty is.

3. Your clients will easily be able to tell their friends about you and refer people to work with you. 

4. You will have a much easier time establishing strategic partners as they will know exactly who to send your way.

5. People will see you as the expert in your area. 


If your business involves you helping people directly it can be confusing because you know what you like doing and you are very focused on your skill or profession.

However, that won’t help you to grow a business. It all needs to be about your clients.

In this four week Niche Ready-Set-Go seminar you will laser focus on you becoming crystal clear about your niche.


By the end of the four weeks you will:

• Be able to describe this person in detail.
• Know exactly what their problem or issue is.
• Understand the benefits they want and how it will make a difference to them.
• Know the beginning of your marketing plan.


You will also begin to get the connection between the benefits they want and the expertise you offer. 

You will begin to see the first steps of your marketing plan.  You will know exactly what you need to do next.

Your marketing plan needs to be created and fueled knowing your niche.


Before doing Kaya’s program, I had only a general idea of what I wanted to do but not fully clear on how to get there. Her insights and exercises have taught me how to focus more clearly, take a deeper look at what holds me back and how to move beyond that.

Her processes have a wonderful way of joining all the various aspects of running a successful business and making them easily understood. My business has expanded from only an idea to an actuality. Thanks Kaya!”

~Shelby Rice,




This four week class is perfect for you if:

•  You own a service based business and you help people with their problem.

• You are ready to develop a marketing plan but know you need to do this part first.

• You are wanting more clients and more money flowing into your business.


We meet on the telephone so you can live anywhere!

Each class is recorded so you won’t miss anything!


Without knowing your niche you cannot make your business work.  I know because I struggled until I got this piece and then it became easy!  I gladly share what I learned and the steps to make this work.


 This exercise in discovering our niche clients and figuring out our expertise has thrown open the doors for me. Although I’ve been doing my work for nearly 10 years – I’ve never really been able to put a definite label on it myself. Thanks to Kaya -I’ve been able to identify who I really want to market to – and what I am really selling. Yeah!!!

~Carol DeMar, facilitator



• Four valued filled classes
• Hand-outs
• Other smart business people to share with.
• A plan for your next steps in marketing.


Next session begins in January 7th . We meet Monday’s 9 Am PDT  for one hour.  A focused way to begin  your week! Excellent way to begin 2013!

Your investment is only $227

This is a great deal and will pay for itself with one new client!


However right now you can grab this excellent class for only $177 early bird! 


This will be available at this discount only  until December 10th!  


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I was spinning my wheels and frustrated. My business was ‘scattered’. Kaya encourages, no matter the situation. She has helped me work through the strengths and the weaknesses of my thinking and how that directly impacts my business.

~Judy Heller