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Stand out and Attract the Exact Right Clients


Step into Your Speciality and be Recognized for the Expert You Are!


6 class In-depth program for practitioners, coaches, designers, educators, writers, and health and wellness based businesses.

You have the tools, expertise, and ability to help people with your products and service, but you need to be noticed, stand in that place of wisdom that only you can own!

It’s time to stand right in the spotlight and be seen! 

Hanging back and thinking people will just find you and grab your offering is not only very passive, but it will keep you struggling forever!

There is just too much distraction out there and it’s up to you to create your own visibility.  

stand-out-and• Own your wisdom specialty
• Believe in yourself and what you offer the world!
Connect right to the soul of your clients
Create your message that comes from true knowing!
• Attract the exact clients who trust you to be able to help them.


Are you ready to step stop holding yourself back and learn how to attract the attention you want?


It’s dis-heartening to know you have such a valuable offering and yet so few people know about it!


It all begins with knowing who you are and then letting yourself be seen.

This is where most people feel stuck!  If you don’t feel like your special, than your potential clients won’t see you that way either!  

It’s less about what you do, and so much more about who you are!


Once you  really know, your business will come alive and your communication will be spot on!

Connecting from this place will allow you to attract the exact kind of people you want to help. They will get it and take notice!


Stand out and Be Seen is a  program that will help you to translate all this into your business so it works!  


Topics covered include how to:

•  Know what a relationship focused business is and how it impacts your marketing
•  Understand the ying/yang marketing circle and how it works
•  Know difference between leads and clients
•  Delve into and discover what it is that makes you stand out!
•  Get what it means to be a specialist rather than a generalist
•  Know exactly who you are wanting to attract and why
*  Craft your message so it gets seen and heard
*  Expand and grow your audience

In this program you will:

• Follow a step-by-step path to uncover your unique specialty.
• Recognize and know the exact clients who need your help and wisdom.
• Create messages and content that will align and resonate to the people who want your help!
• Know how to build positive connections that turn into paid clients. 
• Nourish deep roots that will support you as you stand more fully in the spotlight. 


A strong spirit-driven business with deep roots will bring you long lasting prosperity.

It begins with  knowing how you are distinctive and how you stand out from people who are doing something similar.

It’s so important to step into this place first because once you know this, it makes the rest of marketing easy.


I’ll give you a hint. It’s about you and your mission or legacy. It’s what makes your heart sing or your voice cry out. 

This is one area you can’t fake even if you tried, because it is all about why it’s so important to you to do your work in the world.


I have some  powerful processes to help you get there!


[quote type=”center”]

Mona-Das I attended  a one-day seminar and was so impressed with Kaya’s facilitation skills that I signed up for her mastermind group, then a weekend coaching seminar for entrepreneurial women. She has a unique way of helping her clients get clear on their vision, craft a message that’s compelling and authentic and helps you work through barriers and identifies potential obstacles along the way.   I walk away impressed, motivated and inspired. I’m now one of her one on one coaching clients.

~Mona Das,[/quote]



[quote type=”center”]

VirginieEven though I knew that I was good in my field, I thought as myself as small, shy, not good enough, not capable enough. But Kaya gave me wings, and the wings keep on growing! What seemed like fantasy life / business only a few months ago is my life today! She saw past my blind spots and offers great direction for every blockage I have. Now I know and am proud of my specialty. I am getting so much better at talking about it. My income has doubled, which means I can now live off my company solely. And I know this is only the beginning as my company is just 3 months old!

~Virginie Blackmoor,[/quote]



“Marketing the Wise Woman Way” includes:

• Six telephone group sessions with high-level teaching and exercises
• Private group forum with daily contact and feedback
• Worksheets and tools that have been proven and tested
• Lots of feedback and support!

This is the perfect workshop for you if:

* You are just starting a new business and not sure what your speciality is or who you are marketing to.

* Your business has been ticking along for a few years but you still don’t see yourself as a specialist so you end up marketing to  “everyone!”

* You are constantly looking for more clients and you have inconsistent cash flow and feeling frustrated or discouraged!

After working with literally thousands of small business owners for the past 12 years, I have discovered that most solo-preneurs skip over this part and then wonder why they aren’t more prosperous.

Knowing your speciality is the core of your business and your marketing messaging.

Is your own wise woman telling you that this is the kind of help you need? Listen to her. 




The next seminar  of  “Stand Out and Attract the Exact Right Clients”  will be offered in January 2015. 

However here are two options for you right now so you don’t have to wait!

1. You can buy the seminar workbook today and follow along in a home study format. 

2.  Join the “Create a Wild Demand Seminar” which begins in April 2014. 


Your Investment

 $497   $297!   I am offering this workshop for a special price of 50% off!

Why?  I want you to get the help you need and I don’t want finances to be an obstacle!   

I am so excited about spending this time with you and helping you to step more fully into your wise woman!



One payment $297 



or 3 easy payments of $107


I can’t wait to help you find  your speciality,  make your messages sparkle, and begin having more of the right clients magically show up. 



For the first  seven people who register!  
I wanted to offer you something extra just because I love any opportunity to be creative!

In my “spare” time I am a clay artist. I love making things that hold energy!


A real physical icon like this that is a symbol of your unique wisdom will help you to stay focused and put your gifts out to the world!

Once I tune into what your special wisdom speciality is,
I will make you your own goddess figurine. 

These are all mine in the photo. 

 *I don’t sell these- they are only available to people who take my programs!