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Nancy Grant is on a mission to empower female business owners and professionals to achieve success their way. I think you will love her story of leaving a successful corporate career  at age 55 to begin her own coaching business; the reasons, the challenges, and finally successes.

She wants to help women overcome their issues around money so they can ask for what they want to receive, and recognize their value. As she says, It’s all about women’s empowerment. 

Nancy is the former vice president of a national bank, has a technology background and  has worked with small business for over 30 years.

She’ll share with you about her passion for helping women, some of the mistakes she made in beginning her own business and how she worked through them.  Nancy also will tell you about the new book she’s writing,  “Flying the Corporate Coop,” and her upcoming sabbatical to Africa. She leads a very exciting life! You can connect with her and learn more at
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