PDX lab groupI just completed a wonderful workshop here in Portland, partnering with my own mentor, Andrea Lee.

Here is our Portland group- a wonderful tribe of women entrepreneurs doing great things!

What does success mean to you?” 

Here are a few answers I often hear from my private clients:

I just want some clients!
Enough money to pay my bills
Being able to work from home
Get to $100,000 a year

Not sure where you are in this list but I began from a similar place.

I needed just enough clients to be able to quit my job.
I wanted enough money so I could pay off my credit cards or go on a vacation.
Then I wanted to be able to hire a VA
Be able to fill online seminars
Publish a book

The list goes on but I have reached a point in my business where I have done everything I just mentioned.

I realize I want that elusive next level now. I could happily stay where I am and live a struggle-free life but I want more. 

I want to able to reach even more people and earn multiple 6-figures per year.

It isn’t about the money per se- it’s about a new picture of success that allows for an even higher quality of life and creating a legacy which means doing something that no one else can do!  

I want to have enough cash that I will  not worry about having the best health support and lifestyle when I am 80 or 90. I want organic food- not the stuff  they serve in mainstream assisted living places. 

I want to live surrounded by nature and be part of a community in my later years!

Now that I am 67, I realize I yearn to have more impact and also be a model for women the generation below me.

When I was in my 40’s and 50’s I searched for role models of successful elder women entrepreneurs and they weren’t there. 

I am part of the generation that is doing a lot of things for the first time.

We set the stage for the next group!

People now often do their most profound work  in their 70s, 80s and 90s. Why not?  All that life experience and wisdom is at it’s height and along with that I already  feel confidence I didn’t have ten years ago.

So, I am about to launch a new slant to my business- something that will help me to stand out in that bigger way and do something that only I can do. It is very exciting! And I want your help!

This includes writing a new book.  It get goosebumps thinking about it!

I will be including you in the process for two reasons. One- because you are my community and I will want your excitement and feedback. 

Two- if I’m ahead of you, you might be inspired to do something similar. If I can do it, so can you! I would like nothing more than showing you the steps!

So keep your eye out for a new book, a new awesome program, and more!