empathyDo you want your potential clients to stay on your website, sign-up for your newsletter and  maybe even call you?  Of course you do  because your website is your most important marketing tool.

Most of us know this and almost every business has a website these days.  However, most websites I look at miss the mark completely in one huge area. They fail to build empathy with their potential clients.

What exactly does this mean?  One definition on Wikepedia says “To empathize means to share, to experience the feelings of another person.” When a person feels empathy from you, they feel that you get it and you understand them. If you feel that someone really understands you, you are much more likely to trust, that they can also help you.

The very first thing on your website needs to be about your client and how they are feeling about their own situation.  Talking about you or your services doesn’t build empathy in any way shape or form.

Have a look at your website from the eyes of your clients and their issues and their needs. If someone has a back ache, they don’t necessarily need a massage. They do need relief from pain and hope that they can stay pain free. They want to feel good.

If someone is stressed about their debts, they don’t need your financial advice. What they do need is a feeling of hope and to be free from financial stress. This formula is true for whatever your service or product, whether you are selling vacuum cleaners or acupuncture.

If you aren’t sure how to do this get some help, because this one tweak on your website will transform your whole business and your potential clients will stay on  your site longer and are more likely to get involved.

Have a quick look at my website and notice the headline and the first sentence. Does it speak to you? Notice it doesn’t say anything about me or what I offer. Look at your own website and see if you are hitting the mark or whether you need to adjust your content. Contact me if you need help.