The Three Choices for Every Entrepreneur

If you are still struggling to get enough clients, have positive cash flow and be successful, you could be getting in your own way and not even realizing it.  Or maybe you do realize it but you don’t know how to change it. Even if you did know, you might be too scared.

I talk to people everyday who call me for help with their marketing or business focus. They know things aren’t working. We talk and begin to peel back the layers and by the end of the conversation they  hesitantly admit that they are scared to really face their fears and self-doubt. Have you ever felt like this?

•  Worry if you charge a too much people will feel they’re not getting their money’s worth.
•  Not good enough to work with high paying clients.
•  Uncomfortable having a vision that’s too big.

You really have only three choices:

1. Do nothing, keep struggling and envy other people who seem to be doing well.

2. Quit your business and get a job where you don’t have to deal with your inner demons. The steady paycheck has it’s value.

3. Decide to do whatever it takes to move out of your comfort zone, stretch, grow and be willing to trip, fall and then get up again.

What makes one person grow a lucrative business and another one stay stuck. It’s that decision to step into number three and do whatever it takes to become a leader of your business, develop a much larger vision of what you are creating and overcome your inner fears that hold you back.

If you are reading this and thinking that you are an exception and have no inner demons, you are wrong.  Even the wealthiest, most successful people have them.  It’s the parts inside that gravitate to staying comfy.  Everyone has a default that is set at “comfort zone.” It’s like your comfort food that you like to eat when you are feeling vulnerable.

My comfort default is deadly for my business. It’s the part of me that says,  “You’re tired, you’ve had a full day so just go to sleep and you can write this later.”  My inner leader says different. I need to keep this deadline because what I am writing tonight is part of a bigger marketing strategy and a much bigger picture.

Are you ready to see your larger picture?
Are you ready to face your fears and go for it anyway?
Are you worth the investment of time and money?

If you say, Yes, yes and yes, good for you!
And here are two opportunities.

Awaken Your Money Stream 6 month seminar.

Unleash Your Visionary Leader Mastermind for Women Entrepreneurs.

If you are saying yes, the important thing is to make a change. You are so worth it!

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