Like most small business owners, you probably get overwhelmed as a regular event!  

Your job description would make any sane person feel a little crazy as you attempt to juggle all the different stuff you do.  

You fantasize about having an assistant; someone to give jobs to, chat with about how things are going and share the load!  

But you aren’t yet earning enough money to do it. So- you keep on doing everything yourself.

Except some things never get done because there just isn’t time. In an attempt to hold it all together yourself you:

•  Ignore some things that are important.
•  Skip the things your don’t enjoy or understand.
•  Miss opportunities to earn more money. 
•  Don’t know how to delegate.
•  Feel very small.
•  Begin to lose sleep and feel stressed. 

All of the above was true for me and more!  I did hire assistants to help me here and there, but the money outlay always influenced my decision. I couldn’t clearly see the return on investment. Plus I never found the right person. 

I now have two assistants plus a bookkeeper. One person is virtual and helping me with an event I am planning. The other is local and is doing all those things I don’t enjoy, but I now realize how important they are!  I like having someone I can sit in the same room with sometimes. 

This feels like a gift from the goddess having these people on my team and I wonder why I didn’t do it sooner.

I now realize there is an overlap period. The process is different for everyone but here are some things I learned.

1. Begin by hiring people for small contract jobs so you can evaluate and learn from the experience.

2. Make a list of everything you have ignored and how it would help your business if those things got done. It might just pay for itself.

3. Analyze yourself and make a list what you aren’t good at or don’t enjoy. Find someone with those traits as this will compliment you and let you do what you love while they do the other stuff.  

4. Look at how the jobs they are doing will actually increase your income over time.

5. Realize that your health and well being is actually more important than the money! 

This last one actually was the tipping point for me. I was getting so overworked and stressed that I wasn’t enjoying my business anymore. I now feel I can breath again and I’m not alone!  So don’t model after me. Hire someone before you get to that point! 

Can you add anything to this list?