Circle-on-beach-325I still remember the women’s gatherings I  was part of while living in New Zealand.

Every one was a profound experience with women showing up, opening their hearts and souls, throwing their baggage  into the fire, and leaving at the end of the week being transformed deeply at the core level.

The corporate version of this is called “Leadership Training” but it doesn’t even begin to touch what we did.

In fact, we were developing ourselves as leaders in a big way.  We were changing ourselves, our souls, and our spirits.

This was 15-20 years ago and when I left there, some of me stayed behind on that beautiful beach with my sisters. 

However, I knew part of my mission was to come here and bring the same energy to women entrepreneurs; those who are visionaries, and care so deeply about doing what they love and bringing positive change to the world.

Have you faced these issues below? I did and it was really hard!

• You feel passionate about your mission but struggle to create a real business that will sustain you for the long haul! 

• Your self doubts, fears, and confusion can take over, and with no fire to walk through, you can get side-tracked for long periods of time! 

 • You need help in how to focus and  convert your passion into prosperity.

•  You feel  isolated and alone  instead of being in a circle with a group of supportive women! 

As women, we are not wired to operate this way. We need community!

We need our sisters, people who speak our language and get who we are!

There is a women’s way of doing business and it involves community, spirit, and support.

So I finally am keeping my promise to myself and have proudly opened the doors the the Awake Business Virtual TeaHouse. 

On thing women love to do is to pour a cup of tea and share with each other, catch up on news, and fill up on women energy!

However in this TeaHouse we also operate on the soul level. I have brought the energy from  my beach and merged it with the world of concrete business help!  Yes, this is possible! 

If this all speaks to you then you are meant to be part of this community!  It isn’t for everyone. I know that.  But the women who have joined are so present and committed to their path and their success.

Read more about it and if you get a YES jump in now while the fire is hot!  It won’t burn you but you will be transformed forever.

CHristineAlready I have had epiphanies about how I need to change my business focus and others have shared their realizations too. 

The open-ness and honesty is heartwarming, and the sharing of ideas and realizing that what I have to share can help the other Teahouse members, is empowering!  
Christine Leov Lealand, Writer and Publisher