featurepics-3 women214C30FA-2A19-4F7D-A841-774C1521B2B1Recently I attended Midas Camp with Andrea Lee and her wonderful team. 

We had a full day on sales and the sales process as this is an area many of us needed help with!

Most sol-preneurs struggle with sales; not wanting to feel pushy and just uncomfortable about the whole process.

It’s funny because you likely have no problem telling people about something you love!  I  bet you do this all the time, whether you’re talking about your children, pets, a good movie, a restaurant or whatever!  

However it seems to feel challenging to talk to people about your programs, even though you love and feel passionate about them as well!

I suppose it’s because there’s money involved and so it gets all scrambled with your self-worth and all that other  stuff!

Andrea asked each of to spend two minutes talking about something we loved and then at the end, just adding on how we know you would love it too. It was easy in this context,  and then what we learned the next day,  is that this is the exact same energy to use in the sales process.

Just be authentic, not pushy, not manipulative, but real and heartfelt. 

It was amazing and I totally got it!  We each did our two minutes “what I love” video. I actually didn’t know what I was going to say until I was standing there. But here it is!  


By the way- I will be bringing a bit of  my Wainui Beach wildness to the Awake Wild Women Retreat next October.

Manzanita beach is also special and this event will offer you the opportunity to learn how to be more comfortable with sales, money and more!  I’m going to love this event, seeing all the women show up, share and leave feeling so empowered and focused.  I know you will love it too!