“Why do I need a niche if I can help lots of people with my service?”

I get asked this question at least once a week by solopreneurs who are highly skilled but are struggling to have enough clients and enough cash coming in.


It can seem logical that defining a niche will make your money flow smaller, not larger.  Some comments I hear from solopreneurs owners include:

•  I know what I want to do and there are many people I can help.
•  I know exactly what I don’t want to do, what I don’t enjoy.
•  I have tons of experience and training so I know I am good!

Although the three statements above are true, they will not, by themselves, bring you more clients.  Why is that?

Your potential clients are focused on their own issues or problems. They want something to change in their lives. They know what’s not working for them but don’t know how to fix it. Sometimes they feel desperate, anxious and urgent.

When they begin to feel those ways they begin to look for solutions or someone who can offer them support, help them shift and make changes. They want a specialist or expert  who is focused on working with people just like them.

If you refuse to name your niche, you become a generalist, not a specialist. The people who you are wanting to attract won’t be attracted to you.

To better  understand this, imagine your niche were all people who are teal blue. Teal blue people have certain specific issues. They are a strong but narrow group that can be defined by their situation. They want help on how to put their teal blueness out into the world more and be more successful, happier, make more money, have better relationships or whatever.

They look for someone who speaks to them.  They end up on your website but all they see if a someone who is specializing in dull grey people. Grey is a mixture of all the colors and becomes undefinable. You seem skilled to them but not a teal blue expert.  They son’t feel empathy so they click off and keep searching.

Lets imagine that you have focused and decided to clearly define your niche speciality as lime green people who need what they need. Funny thing is that if a teal blue person ends up on your website they will still recognize you as a specialist and might think, “Well, if you can help  the lime green folks, maybe you can also help me.” They will never think that if you present as a grey.

The moral of the story. Let go of being grey. Specialize and speak directly to those specific people who you want to attract.  If you want more help figuring out how to do this, check out  Find Your Niche Market Ready-Set-Go

When you boldly name your speciality, those people will feel connected to you as someone who “gets,” them. It is all about building empathy. Do you know what your color is?